Letting my girlfriend DRIFT my manual SUPER CAR

27 feb 2021
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  • Did u say 16?

    ONEIKZ JAKEONEIKZ JAKE19 timmar sedan
  • yo bro is about to catch a case shes 16 :0

    staX 132staX 132Dag sedan
  • Corey likes teaching people new things in life like this this makes me work with my dad on cars

    Raffi BurnsRaffi BurnsDag sedan
  • is she really 16 now or is that a joke

    Flilxxy YTFlilxxy YT4 dagar sedan
  • What song is that ad 12:20

    IlxlI-Love-IlxlIIlxlI-Love-IlxlI6 dagar sedan
  • Whats the song

    Stay weird BmxStay weird Bmx11 dagar sedan
  • so your using your girl for views :(

    luca gilbertluca gilbert13 dagar sedan
  • simp

    Eddie StephensEddie Stephens14 dagar sedan
  • Look after Hannah

    Ciara ClarkeCiara Clarke18 dagar sedan
  • When Cory said that starting the car is the hardest he wouldn’t of said that anyway for everything

    Jason ScherrJason Scherr21 dag sedan
  • Your just like han in Tokyo drift

    lianacel Austrialianacel Austria25 dagar sedan
  • Who thinks Corey should teach Rydel how to drift

    Lille PottLille Pott25 dagar sedan
  • Who else thinks Corey should start a Chanel called Drifting with Corey? 😕

    Sebastien ChinSebastien Chin27 dagar sedan
  • Corey you should power shift

    DJ-James KINGDJ-James KING27 dagar sedan
  • Aww Hannah is so cute she kept saying sorry after she did something

    Meghan BurnsMeghan Burns28 dagar sedan
  • im 10 and i can lift a van tire

  • Does anybody else notice that on Hannah’s “drivers license” it says Hannah funk?

    RIP_Fewest 5976RIP_Fewest 5976Månad sedan
  • i follow everyones tiktok you,capron,drew,billy, adn im pretty sure about nick and drage but im not sure

    iicherryiiiicherryiiMånad sedan
  • I am only 11 but I can drive a manual by my self no joke

    GamerGamerMånad sedan
  • corey, you good at drifting, and oyu do some amazing stuff, you should look into Getting a junk car and building it an possibly compeating in drifting events, i think you could do well in them

    B9247B9247Månad sedan
  • What tips is your Corvette

    Amber ReeseAmber ReeseMånad sedan
  • Not even going to watch the video just came here to say- a zo6 is not a super car. That’s all. Carry on.

    Jake JamisonJake JamisonMånad sedan
  • U down bad if you call a vet a supercar

    Christian SouthChristian SouthMånad sedan
  • I am 12 and I can change a tire

    Stacx _Stacx _Månad sedan
  • corvettes aren't considered a super car

    KayakFishingKingKayakFishingKingMånad sedan
  • Did no one hear him say she 16😭😭😂

    Blackout_mobBlackout_mobMånad sedan
  • She said it is low key easy and then she stalls the car.

    Jameson TaylorJameson TaylorMånad sedan
  • Who else thinks Hanna should start her own SEworld channel!!!!

    brooklyn shivebrooklyn shiveMånad sedan
  • A corvette is not a "supercar"

    supreme_evo11supreme_evo11Månad sedan
  • I feel bad for this dude R.I.P

    Oleksandr PopovOleksandr PopovMånad sedan
  • Can you learn you girlfrend to drift your 240

    Thomas Sthen AndersenThomas Sthen AndersenMånad sedan
  • You should put Hannah in a unbreakable box 👍

    Janice GuoJanice GuoMånad sedan
  • 6:30 🥵🥵

    Justin BaumannJustin BaumannMånad sedan
  • Corey when she was fixing the car =😍

    YuseiYuseiMånad sedan
  • UR girlfriend is hot

    Lentz SamleyLentz SamleyMånad sedan
  • IF CORY did not change the tires well he would of start crying

    Jonathan GuevaraJonathan GuevaraMånad sedan
  • he looks like jeff wittek

    PycrsPycrsMånad sedan
  • if thats a super car then im black

    Eriestdoor 7Eriestdoor 7Månad sedan
  • for once the mans saying harder

    XDMarchment4XDMarchment4Månad sedan
  • what is the music

    Qst Elite DriftQst Elite DriftMånad sedan
  • 11:53 you see the flames she is hot like the flame haha I'm not flirting btw hah

    aisha ellisaisha ellisMånad sedan
  • ok..... I know how to drift already as it is but I would've learned more on how to drift on this video than on any other video low key.

    Buny SarBuny SarMånad sedan
  • It is not a supercar it is a regular corvette c7 go to funken college

    william mcelhosewilliam mcelhoseMånad sedan
  • Lower the suspension it’s going to look better

    Chewy PlayzChewy PlayzMånad sedan
  • Hina is hot

    Jorden 91Jorden 91Månad sedan
  • I don't think a c7 is a supercar

    PLKPLKMånad sedan
  • I am9 yars old and I can drive a stick shift I go 30 mph

    Jenna LudlowJenna LudlowMånad sedan
  • Cool

    Kane Kroes1234Kane Kroes1234Månad sedan
  • Yo you are a insane driver

    Karina StrybosKarina StrybosMånad sedan
  • Not a super car learn the difference dummy😅😂🤣

    Jayden RoweJayden RoweMånad sedan
  • I know how to drive manual cause my dad is a truck driver so he started to show me how to and am 14

    Ssa Shadow3085Ssa Shadow3085Månad sedan
  • Not a super car. It’s a sports car. It’s like calling a mustang a muscle car 😂

    blindboibostonblindboibostonMånad sedan
  • Your girl look like mia Malano

    jayden maleckijayden maleckiMånad sedan
  • lol i wish i could drift that

    Fred GoreFred GoreMånad sedan
  • a corvette is not a super car lmao

    Hunter WilsonHunter WilsonMånad sedan
  • 7:14 he said what ??

    UnL1m1t3dUnL1m1t3dMånad sedan
  • su p shotty

    Kyson GonzalezKyson GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Why does he have paddle shifters if it’s a manual

    Peter PankovPeter PankovMånad sedan
  • since when is a corvette a super car😭

    Richard ToddRichard ToddMånad sedan
  • Hey its not a super car its a sports car

    Gamerkid332Gamerkid332Månad sedan
  • smart

    linda desaulnierslinda desaulniersMånad sedan
  • That’s not a super car it’s just a corvette

    Ahoy ElmoAhoy ElmoMånad sedan
  • *He say his Corvette* Me* hop on the mother f***ing jet like that

    Axel MendozaAxel MendozaMånad sedan
    • Lmaoooo same

      Hayoona AlyafeiHayoona AlyafeiMånad sedan
  • I am 12 and my dad tough me to drift a manual truck it is a little bit harder than a car is a bit easer for me I think and I was allowed because he was next to my side the whole time for safety

    Dominick LeClaireDominick LeClaireMånad sedan
  • You great gift karpet 👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙

    Amanda KailaAmanda KailaMånad sedan
  • Chevrolet corvette 7 is sport c8 is super car you stupid

    grim_ reaperr04grim_ reaperr04Månad sedan
  • Corey you should take pictures with the car and her doing donuts

  • I am a kid and I can drive a car

    Emelo RobinsonEmelo RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Funny thing, where I Come from, whe mostly only drive With Stick. 🇳🇦🇳🇦Namibia. And we learn how to drive whene we are like 10 or so, because most of us live on a Farm or we drive on the beach

    Max Von HachtMax Von HachtMånad sedan
  • Did you go to mrs wells class in middle school in lake Elsinore cause I’m in her class rn

    Caleb ride’s Dirt bike’sCaleb ride’s Dirt bike’sMånad sedan
    • We were just talking about you

      Caleb ride’s Dirt bike’sCaleb ride’s Dirt bike’sMånad sedan
  • I love you`r vids bro

    Desiree BeardenDesiree BeardenMånad sedan
  • Omg i like your comment

    Nathan KeoNathan KeoMånad sedan
  • In a pro drifter

    Alfredo MunozAlfredo MunozMånad sedan
  • don’t use God’s name in vain by saying gd

    ThatManJosh 1ThatManJosh 1Månad sedan
  • What photo editing software do you guys use? I’m DESPERATELY trying to find the best one to buy and use with my MacBook! I want to be able make backgrounds completely different than the original, have a black and white photo but put color on something specific in the picture, etc... PLEASE let me know what you use and what’s the easiest to learn and use so I can buy it. Thank You

    Heather GregoireHeather GregoireMånad sedan
  • More of Drifting videos! and teaching your girldriend to drift :)

    Ur EzzUr EzzMånad sedan
  • I wish they had places like that too!

    Curt HornerCurt HornerMånad sedan
  • That’s not a super car?

    You’re probably StupidYou’re probably StupidMånad sedan
  • It's a muscle car but sure

    ButteredBagel_69ButteredBagel_69Månad sedan
  • 🔥🔥

    shashika. 2000shashika. 2000Månad sedan
  • 666

    Sebastian MaganaSebastian MaganaMånad sedan
  • Not a supercar

    Daron OsseDaron OsseMånad sedan
  • why does coreys hair looks like anime hair? :/

    Gabriel PerryGabriel PerryMånad sedan
  • Soooo we not gonna talk about how well she suits drifting the corvette? Damn ok.

    Wimpy194Wimpy194Månad sedan
  • Corey what’s the music

    Zach Hockey 87Zach Hockey 87Månad sedan

    T RobisonT RobisonMånad sedan
  • Corey is 24 years old and Hannah is 16😦

    Fernando TogoFernando TogoMånad sedan
  • You should put a big block in your Corvette

    Aaliyah TurnerAaliyah TurnerMånad sedan
  • Get racing seatbelts with your logo on and put it in your car

    craig vewascraig vewasMånad sedan
  • dis duh typa shit im finna do wit future bae, only moments that imma gunna live for.

    r6lphyyr6lphyyMånad sedan
  • Shes 16 vtf she kinda thic for a 16yr olx

    Lil MihecLil MihecMånad sedan
  • Got em 666k subs sheesh

    vicosteezyvicosteezyMånad sedan
  • Woah did y'all know that Hannah is 16 while Corey is 25... I'm not against it at all.. Just thought it was cool!

    Neha RamNeha RamMånad sedan
  • Good work Hannah

    Zay DonovanZay DonovanMånad sedan
  • Okay this how to drift turn right to go left its that easy

    Daniel blake VillegasDaniel blake VillegasMånad sedan
  • Ok so the pedal commander it works but after about a month it starts to go wierd

    Typical VictorTypical VictorMånad sedan
  • You two are such a good fit for eachother! So cute to watch 💕

    Taylor GreenTaylor GreenMånad sedan
  • Your car its not even a super car its a sports car

    Omar De La TorreOmar De La TorreMånad sedan
  • I love how you do stuff with cars

    Cody SandmanCody SandmanMånad sedan
  • Corey can I have ten thousand dollars plz it's for my family

    Alejandro OchoaAlejandro OchoaMånad sedan