We found 3 Crashed AIR-FORCE Planes in the middle of nowhere...

10 apr 2021
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  • Ya It is

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  • He’s like this but there was people who died in that

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  • its my birthday

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  • Bro they where so big

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  • Where is it the music road at

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  • iss funny how i am only 9 and know more about this stuff than this boi wow

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  • I like how people could of died there and they are taking a photo shoot haha

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  • 24hrs in the plane?

    SLIME JAYSLIME JAY25 dagar sedan
  • The first one is a f1jet

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  • She looks like Jenny from Forrest Gump

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  • What happend to the tesla

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  • Go To Australia Geelong vic

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  • I ship Cannah

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  • The jet alone costs about 1.2billion

    Carter SmithCarter Smith28 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised it hasn't been fully looted of its' piping and fittings.

    James AmicoJames Amico28 dagar sedan
  • When i read the title i read in the middle of now here

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  • That second aircraft is a B52 long range bomber

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  • “We’re out here by the crashed airplane, this is just awesome!” 😂😂😂it’s so funny how he’s saying it’s awesome how an airplane crashed😂😂😂😂

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  • Do a over night challenge in the plane

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  • your at the bonzi airlines bruv

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  • "Were out here by the crashed airplane this is just awesome" Corey funk 2021

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  • That second plane is a b-25

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  • Corey! Go at your pace at filming! If that’s 5 days one week and 1 or 2 the next, you got great content, just don’t rush yourself and I know you’ll be good👍

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    • Isisu

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  • I have a baby goat

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  • It’s scary to know this is the final resting place of some people

    GX2iGX2iMånad sedan
    • @Caws it could have to been where they people in the plane died, people that come across the plane take stuff from it probably

      GX2iGX2i20 dagar sedan
    • not really resting places for these ones since they seem to have been left there for future scrapping and it is cheaper to just take what you need in the moment than scrap all at once

      CawsCaws20 dagar sedan
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