House shopping with my Girlfriend...

17 apr 2021
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  • Trust me bro I’ve lived here for 16 years my whole life and let me give you the run down my mom is an appraiser and she knows all about the prices out here and the market is fairly high rn and this is your chance to get it some what cheap because after this year it’s gonna be out of the roof with prices , Rn is a great time, it’s getting busy. Other than that I loved it here no violence at ALL none and just a bunch of nice old people or your normal spring breakers they get wild but the locals are cool all the scooter kids Ik love you and what you do and just like everywhere else their are weird rude mean teenagers and some weird young adults but it’s a party town but this place is awesome it’s so peaceful and everyone does their thing and it’s so fun although for me being just 16 I’ve ran out of options on stuff to do but I absolutely love the skate park and all that good stuff but for you being a young adult I could see you loving this place. Really hope you see thing;) it’s a sign to move here lol

    Gavin KreiGavin Krei7 dagar sedan
  • Love you guys you are the best

    Dylan MayDylan May11 dagar sedan
  • Wait so are they moving away from the house they have right now or is it just a vacation house

    Kara RaglandKara Ragland13 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a great adventure! ❤️

    Kimberly FunkKimberly Funk13 dagar sedan
  • Zucki is a vlogger

    Juice WrldJuice Wrld16 dagar sedan
  • Is Corey moving again

    Tommie1012Tommie101216 dagar sedan
  • "I want that girls number!" "Um...that's her boyfriend right there!"

    juliem_1986juliem_198618 dagar sedan
  • When my grandparents lived in lake Havasu I used to go to that skatepark all the time with my scooter I haven’t seen that skate park in years and you brought back so many good memories thank you

    Dumb KidDumb Kid18 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe that you visited my hometown and i still live there

    Thomas morganThomas morgan19 dagar sedan
  • The first house is the best

    Luke SmithLuke Smith19 dagar sedan
  • Bro u can ride better injured then I can normal

    Mackenzie LilleyMackenzie Lilley19 dagar sedan
  • I have a idea you should fill your pool up with cabbage plz I’m begging you😉

    stephaine bakerstephaine baker19 dagar sedan
  • That’s my boys dads speed boat 454 big block turbo on race fuel

    Steven ProctorSteven Proctor20 dagar sedan
  • I Love corey and Capron they just bring me joy when i watch You's

    Raffi BurnsRaffi Burns20 dagar sedan
  • Damn he downgraded

    FBG DiggzFBG Diggz20 dagar sedan
  • What’s the point u buying a house when u have a big house a Capron is moved out?

    InitialFNInitialFN20 dagar sedan
  • I live in havasu

    Jonathen MccantsJonathen Mccants20 dagar sedan
  • I was at the London bridge a couple days ago too

    Collin JohnstoneCollin Johnstone20 dagar sedan
  • If you are ever in Lake Havasu again you should try a restaurant called Filibertos

    Jackson GearJackson Gear20 dagar sedan
  • Cory:listening to the cop Cop:ca chow

    Charlie ScottCharlie Scott20 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen super yet

    jay barrjay barr20 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to meet super

    Yeet YoYeet Yo20 dagar sedan
  • That 2nd house is my dads friend

    Andrew RiceAndrew Rice20 dagar sedan
  • Congrats your an unc

    mr chillermr chiller21 dag sedan
  • corey actually got me to get off the computer

    Thesalted pigThesalted pig21 dag sedan
  • waiting for the were getting married, where having a baby videos, you guys are amazing! love all of you funks and mob crew

    Malika's InterestsMalika's Interests21 dag sedan
  • Sukie new filmer?

    jacob hussainjacob hussain21 dag sedan
  • Hannah: that was beautifaaaaaaal

    0nlyAltxr0nlyAltxr21 dag sedan
  • Corey I can’t be anymore proud of you and your perseverance. That place is sick. Keep up the good work brother.

    DaDabassDaDabass21 dag sedan
  • My dad and I built a house in 5 months

    Nigel78jr gamingNigel78jr gaming21 dag sedan
  • It’s gone so far I remember when u were at ur parents house doing trampoline full of Whoopy cushions talking about ur goals or when u first wrapped ur corovet and decided to write the sub names on it

  • Do you still ride for apex?

    costa goodmancosta goodman21 dag sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug21 dag sedan
  • Your dog is a good vloger

    Try hard land HernandezTry hard land Hernandez21 dag sedan
  • hey me and my brother john are both big fans and his dream is to have the mob sing happy birthday to him i know you read a lot of comments so if you read this pls get the mob to sing happy birthday to john at the end of your next video pls pls pls LOVE YOU😊😊😊

    Àbby Daddys Little GirlÀbby Daddys Little Girl21 dag sedan
  • Damn where’s that at? That looks fun

    Niners BabyNiners Baby21 dag sedan
  • I live in lake havasu

    Jessica EsquerraJessica Esquerra21 dag sedan
  • You both are such a cute couple

    Allegra RocheAllegra Roche21 dag sedan
  • 🤩

    Kaitlin BakerKaitlin Baker21 dag sedan
  • Ed😏

    Kaitlin BakerKaitlin Baker21 dag sedan
  • where is that in arizona

    luke Johnstonluke Johnston21 dag sedan
  • Steam boat is pretty lit as well

    Jack SnowJack Snow21 dag sedan
  • Copper Canyon is the best! Did u send it off the top?

    Jack SnowJack Snow21 dag sedan
  • just ordered some of your stickers two of your corvette and two of your logo

    Abraham GilAbraham Gil21 dag sedan
  • My uncle lives in Havasu

    Preston WhelanPreston Whelan21 dag sedan
  • I never seen London bridge without a million people

    Chrisitan EricksonChrisitan Erickson22 dagar sedan
  • Very limited, throws triple whip

    Elias RitvanenElias Ritvanen22 dagar sedan
  • Omg I can’t wait for the video where Corey meets super

    Ella PhillipsElla Phillips22 dagar sedan
  • London bridge is great

    Chrisitan EricksonChrisitan Erickson22 dagar sedan
  • I'll definitely get ur Airbnb when I go out

    Chrisitan EricksonChrisitan Erickson22 dagar sedan
  • Who thinks that suki films better than corey??

    KaraKara22 dagar sedan
  • dont move away from your friends

    drewBdog FilmsdrewBdog Films22 dagar sedan
  • You and Capron making big moves in life and so glad to see both of u live ure dreams. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! "LIVE LOVE LAUGH"

    LIAM *-*LIAM *-*22 dagar sedan
  • You were looking at the house across the street from 970 mohican drive

    Alex BeatyAlex Beaty22 dagar sedan
  • Congrats your an uncle uncle Corey

    Michael FloresMichael Flores22 dagar sedan
  • I love Suki when she held the gopro.

    Renzio LaraRenzio Lara22 dagar sedan
  • i live in havasu where are u gonna be

    Brent KuhnBrent Kuhn22 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Caye HamillCaye Hamill22 dagar sedan
  • Ur girlfriend looks likes a girl from a horror movie

    Billy RichardsonBilly Richardson22 dagar sedan
  • I literally can’t make this up, my neighbors have a 2jz powered Boat. And it has the FATTEST turbo.

    Oofy BoiiiOofy Boiii22 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely perfect location!! 😃

    Tommy SheaTommy Shea22 dagar sedan
  • Zoookeys the new camera man😂😂😂

    Drizzy Dubs1Drizzy Dubs122 dagar sedan
  • If he moves to AZ rip Funk Bros but hey I live in AZ so I ain't complaining much lmao

    SilverWindGTSilverWindGT22 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact that bridge that Hannah called beautiful is actually the original London bridge

    Dawson RuizDawson Ruiz22 dagar sedan
  • Uneed to go tol banon vacation trust me

    Hussein SayedHussein Sayed22 dagar sedan
  • That place is so cool I wanna live there

    TimTimPro YTTimTimPro YT22 dagar sedan
  • I lived in lake havesue its an amazing place

    KID2PROPER -KID2PROPER -22 dagar sedan
  • Corey I just stayed at that hotel like two weeks ago

    Max FairesMax Faires22 dagar sedan
  • You guys should go to flagstaff! Most beautiful❤️

    Kaylee GileKaylee Gile22 dagar sedan
  • I live in arizona

    David ValenciaDavid Valencia22 dagar sedan
  • Hannah she is so lucky to have you to get to be with you as your girlfriend you are nice Corey and I like your videos I Watch them a lot

    Jessica BareJessica Bare22 dagar sedan
    • 🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰🥰

      Jessica BareJessica Bare22 dagar sedan
  • I love how we both have a golden they are the best. She is 6 mouths

    Blaken NsnenBlaken Nsnen22 dagar sedan
  • 9.51 thank me later

    Anthony AAnthony A22 dagar sedan
  • How does it feel to be an uncle😁😁😁

    Sports4lifeSports4life22 dagar sedan
  • Oh I live in Parker Arizona I am 30 minutes away from there

    Lil zay Dirtbike gangLil zay Dirtbike gang22 dagar sedan
  • My family actually has a rev spot in Parker and we sometimes go over to Havasu and if you guys go over to Parker they have some nice houses and they also have waterfront houses

    Justin McMillanJustin McMillan22 dagar sedan
  • Arizona is such a great place, especially the lake. It's beautiful and amazing. There is a lot to explore out there. Have a great TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DaPastaDudeDaPastaDude22 dagar sedan
  • Where is this

    Ethan MontsionEthan Montsion22 dagar sedan
  • I live thirty minutes away lol go visit bullhead city

    Malaki BlackMalaki Black22 dagar sedan
  • "I want that girl's number" "Thats her boyfriend" "She's mine" Me: What the heck was he thinking

    halflife876halflife87622 dagar sedan
    • Right? LIke a girl on a boat with two guys, um...wouldn't he think one of them was her boyfriend? lol

      juliem_1986juliem_198618 dagar sedan
    • @Yaretzi Caamano 10:43

      APG's How To - GamingAPG's How To - Gaming21 dag sedan
    • What time was that

      Yaretzi CaamanoYaretzi Caamano22 dagar sedan
  • Dude I live in Arizona now it’s crazy That you went there

    Hallee YeagerHallee Yeager22 dagar sedan
  • I lived there moved to ny because my aunt died

    Alex BeatyAlex Beaty22 dagar sedan

    Ivan martinezIvan martinez22 dagar sedan
  • then i might see you aha when i go there in march

    Jayla schuchJayla schuch23 dagar sedan
  • Have you met super funk aka capron Baby

    Wilber AcevedoWilber Acevedo23 dagar sedan
  • i designed part of a house in Havasu Arizona. Small world

    Big MikeBig Mike23 dagar sedan
  • Just call my dad and all his friends can fine she it in 3 weeks

    Herbey SotoHerbey Soto23 dagar sedan
  • I got fam in lake havisu best place in Arizona and it just fun place to be in.

    Short stackShort stack23 dagar sedan
  • Can we get Corey to 1M 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    Chelsey McLaughlinChelsey McLaughlin23 dagar sedan
  • Bro thats the first skate park u ever rode

    Wyatt FairWyatt Fair23 dagar sedan
  • Bro I’ve been to copper canyon it’s so fun to cliff jump

    Devon GruellDevon Gruell23 dagar sedan
  • I was there for a baseball game

    Derekbeast805 DahlDerekbeast805 Dahl23 dagar sedan
  • Hello uncle Corey

    Kathleen MurphyKathleen Murphy23 dagar sedan
  • FYI the bridge is London bridge I go there a lot

    Kylie BusanovitchKylie Busanovitch23 dagar sedan
  • Where’s jeff

    Aidan MullaneAidan Mullane23 dagar sedan
  • i loved the big sukey

    Greysin GooginGreysin Googin23 dagar sedan
  • I know you have your eyes on that bridge

    WildNija 1818WildNija 181823 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one that would rent it out just because Corey owns it and thinks it’s be lit

    Caleb JohnsonCaleb Johnson23 dagar sedan
  • sukie is a vlogger

    Lexi BiglerLexi Bigler23 dagar sedan
  • Why are u lookjng for a house

    dimitris sprekosdimitris sprekos23 dagar sedan