I Spent 5 years & $100,000 on this... (reveal)

9 apr 2021
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My 700K celebration video! What should I do for 800K?
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  • Im into mustangs and challengers and ive never really been into the cars like this but man it looks amazing

    ohAquaohAqua12 timmar sedan
  • bro used to watch you and caperon in like 2016, i took a break from skating and gym stuff and got into cars, made the 200sx s14 my dream car and came back to see one of my favorite youtubers copped one. bro.

    Luke LobsenzLuke Lobsenz17 timmar sedan
  • For the engine

    Aiden Ramjohn ARAiden Ramjohn ARDag sedan
  • You should have buy a rb26dett

    Aiden Ramjohn ARAiden Ramjohn ARDag sedan
  • Me after playing gta- 100k thats not that bad (and also- so this is what los santos customs and beny's do :D)

    Julius KizerskisJulius KizerskisDag sedan
  • you might just buy a supra

    Clara GDDLBClara GDDLB4 dagar sedan
  • what is the song corey

    Ming ZhangMing Zhang4 dagar sedan
  • its so nice

    Samantha CamachoSamantha Camacho4 dagar sedan
  • Bro you deserved this car.

    Mason TzeoMason Tzeo5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh when you said it was a 2jz I said it at the same time, like I just knew man, so jinx you owe me a coke.

    Seth PoretSeth Poret6 dagar sedan
  • dont give a fuck how much or how long you spent on that

    DirtBike DudeDirtBike Dude7 dagar sedan
  • The way he said kouki 💀

    Kid That SEEKKid That SEEK8 dagar sedan
  • Do overnight at the drift shop with all the cars there

    Maddox ReimerMaddox Reimer9 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on the build!!

    Alex ツAlex ツ9 dagar sedan
  • Corey is a mini Paul walker

    Brad FordBrad Ford10 dagar sedan
  • You should widebody it down the road

    Jacob GarofaloJacob Garofalo11 dagar sedan
  • This is so cringy lmao. You need to actually learn to work on your car and not put it in a shops hands lol. It was obviously the oil pan from the beginning. He just went full in from the beginning

    NoisyLattice 450NoisyLattice 45012 dagar sedan
  • what type of turbo is in it

    Threewarrior84Threewarrior8413 dagar sedan
  • Wooootooooootooooootooooooo

    Mikhail FolkesMikhail Folkes13 dagar sedan
  • Hate to tell you bro but that's not a 240sx that's a nissan silvia

    Mike HoochieMike Hoochie13 dagar sedan
  • Slick

    supbirdysupbirdy13 dagar sedan
  • whats the bgm?

    Nein NNein N14 dagar sedan
  • this is shit

    Jack McCluskeyJack McCluskey14 dagar sedan
  • We may have differing views on social issues but share least one thought - and that thought is that your Silvia is sick!!

    Russo FormosoRusso Formoso14 dagar sedan
  • Damn not even the exhaust spitting flames but the damn tires be causing it

    Michael DavidMichael David14 dagar sedan
  • Congrats Cory i love the car!!

    The NobodyThe Nobody14 dagar sedan
  • send it to chris fix

    I ship Michael and lilyI ship Michael and lily15 dagar sedan
  • I love the body kit but i wonder what it will look like with a wide body kit? Idk why but im confusion

    ruv fnf fanruv fnf fan15 dagar sedan
  • 240sx? That’s a S14 kouki bruh

    HyperificsHyperifics15 dagar sedan
  • best video yet fs

    Tyler DussTyler Duss15 dagar sedan
  • 0:50 yo yo yo is that a SUPRA AHHHHHHHHHHH

    Tonya RoseTonya Rose15 dagar sedan
  • Who’s the shop that messed the engine up? I wanna call him 1000 times a day to tell him how awesome he is....lol

    Christopher MccallChristopher Mccall16 dagar sedan
  • 3:30 thought some one was calling me

    oobobquaoobobqua16 dagar sedan
  • Are you going to daily it????????

    Wyatt HallWyatt Hall16 dagar sedan
  • The car isn't "always broken"; it's a project car, a project that will never be finished, an ongoing project that will be there as long as you have the car.

    LenroLenro17 dagar sedan
  • that's why i am selling my kouki after 4 years of ownership.. it's an endless story of losing more money 🙃

    kouki_dudekouki_dude17 dagar sedan
  • awesome built

    René NaunheimRené Naunheim17 dagar sedan
  • Even if they did fuck up, no ones giving u $80 an hour for ur time, ur not a real shop with multiple jobs or even qualified lol

    indy browningindy browning17 dagar sedan
  • damn nice car but the decals is not the wave

    effyseffys17 dagar sedan
  • this is what non car people "building" cars looks like lol

    Edgar AyalaEdgar Ayala17 dagar sedan
  • 100k for that thing? cool idea but seems a lil bit like cap

    SBCSBC17 dagar sedan
  • "Inexpensive route"

    LinusLinus17 dagar sedan
  • dark gold ? ...its copper

    Miguel CardosoMiguel Cardoso17 dagar sedan
  • Bro u got the back the blue sticker 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    og fortnite970og fortnite97017 dagar sedan
  • pov ur playing gta: every time you crash go to los santos custom for intstant repair

    mando VSmando VS17 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on your JDM man hope it doesnt break again

    Markinio 99Markinio 9918 dagar sedan
  • c h a s e r s a r e s o m u c h n i c e r

    colourcolour18 dagar sedan
  • What’s with the knock off pewdiepie 11:28

    jermaine taylorjermaine taylor18 dagar sedan
  • And THAT is why ls swapping is so common because theres hardly any problem, hella cheaper and more reliable. Like the build tho, keep it up.

    darkdark18 dagar sedan
  • and thats exactly why you get a rb

    DORMANTDORMANT19 dagar sedan
  • If you just bought a new car and put an new motor and raped it it would have not taken 5 years and 100,000 grand. And if you sell it you won't get you money back. I'm just am stating the facts.

    Ace of SpaidesAce of Spaides19 dagar sedan
  • sheeeeeesh

    Jenamm HDJenamm HD19 dagar sedan
  • hey my family isn't the only ones working on a dream car yay

    Lyra And Wild Fox AdventuresLyra And Wild Fox Adventures19 dagar sedan
  • Drop jeff's shop name in the comments, the boys got you

    Jackson riteJackson rite19 dagar sedan
  • this is a sick as car :D

  • i’ve never seen a 240 look like an s14 🤔

    zujkiszujkis19 dagar sedan
  • Dope car, ugly wrap but the rest makes up for it lol

    Chris TapiaChris Tapia19 dagar sedan
  • Why does it not sound like a 2j lol

    Joey Sabat élèveJoey Sabat élève19 dagar sedan
  • the you need 2-step tune

    Demar HarrisDemar Harris19 dagar sedan
  • Amazing project. That’s a dream

    Vasco PinhoVasco Pinho19 dagar sedan
  • I think I found my new dream car like this is what’s getting me into cars

    Wolf Of the moonWolf Of the moon19 dagar sedan
  • the 2j isnt the most powerful motor........

    Ayvivi ChanUwUAyvivi ChanUwU20 dagar sedan
  • 3:36 ayooo

    Mráček GamesMráček Games20 dagar sedan
  • i really want to build a car like this myself soon

    Brody BerrymanBrody Berryman20 dagar sedan
  • get rid of that engine lol. Seriously whatever that shop did wasnt right at all. And not wanting to cough up 1200 seems so petty for what was allegedly a $10,000 build. Legit dump that off on someone else, get another 2J and not deal with that other shops mess. I went through the same issue and I was much happier once I swapped in a clean unmolested version.

    Mason JordanMason Jordan20 dagar sedan
  • is that the Lancaster spot?

    SlimeOnSetSlimeOnSet20 dagar sedan
  • Hot

    Seebas378Seebas37820 dagar sedan
  • that 240 looks sexy

    Race4u46Race4u4620 dagar sedan
  • oh dam this thing look like the hottest girl in the world in car form

  • i feel ur pain ... on my second garage that’s ripped us off! the first garage realized his mistake so refund us , second garage were having to take to court due to paying 7000 pounds and then them telling us it’s not drivable loooool , jus needed a dang engine rebuild LOL

    CourtttCourttt20 dagar sedan
  • Widebody it :) not saying the car looks bad but imagine the warp with a WideBody kit. Thoughts?

    Steven ScottSteven Scott20 dagar sedan
  • Mechanics like to fuck you over

    Shadow LightningShadow Lightning20 dagar sedan
  • $100k deep in a 240 lmfaoooo

    gatsgats21 dag sedan
  • thats my video

    Nolxve.DNolxve.D21 dag sedan
  • Should have taken it to rad dans shop

    Saieed Joshua MohammedSaieed Joshua Mohammed21 dag sedan
  • You came a long way to make it perfect. Somethings ALWAYS broken XD

    MangoTail680MangoTail68021 dag sedan
  • Wow your insane corey

    Cole ColbergCole Colberg21 dag sedan
  • First time here and I love it

  • why not rb? its a nissan

    Franky YapFranky Yap21 dag sedan
  • Congrats on the car

    Lucas OlveraLucas Olvera21 dag sedan
  • Love from the car guys community EDIT:More of muscle guy but beautiful cafe from JDM and muscle are beautiful in same and different ways in both cultures and his car is one of the top ones if not #1 JDM I have ever seen

    EL ChavezEL Chavez21 dag sedan
  • This is why I refuse to take my stuff to a shop. I will learn how to fix it myself to not have to deal with assholes like Greg.

    Smile SpaceSmile Space21 dag sedan
  • Blue lives matter sticker?? Wackkk u

    Sam CoxSam Cox21 dag sedan
  • HOLY SHIT NEVER KNEW YOU LIKE JDM CARS! used to watch in 2016 and now im back for good. also where you buy that s14

    prod. tsukiprod. tsuki21 dag sedan
  • what is this a school project?

    brendan halebrendan hale21 dag sedan
  • Why no rb

    kyle pedersonkyle pederson21 dag sedan
  • Rofl 100k wtf?!

    Nostalgic_Pokemon_MemoriesNostalgic_Pokemon_Memories21 dag sedan
  • ahhh yes the old rebuilding story 😂 awesome stuff man

    skuxsskuxs21 dag sedan
  • 7:30 anyone know what song this is?

    nLinenLine21 dag sedan
  • Heck yea 2jz

    NameName22 dagar sedan
  • for ur 800k celebration vid u should do something lel

    Just stuffJust stuff22 dagar sedan
  • that's so clean

    El MortoEl Morto22 dagar sedan
  • we need more jdm contentt

    TheGoldenAle !!!TheGoldenAle !!!22 dagar sedan
  • lol, 100k.. you got GOT my guy

    JollyJoey13JollyJoey1322 dagar sedan
  • 100%LOVE IT

    Jamey BridgemohanJamey Bridgemohan22 dagar sedan
  • This is a perfect example of why not to get your self into something without knowing what tf your doing first

    Ratchet_rickyRatchet_ricky22 dagar sedan
  • Yo my family personally owns 2 Supra’s and really respect you bro, keep up the good work

    Kaden ScreminKaden Scremin22 dagar sedan
  • Take it to @adam Lz

    Kyneti RenxKyneti Renx22 dagar sedan
  • 7:24

    Sprung FamilySprung Family22 dagar sedan
  • what year is the car?

    nugget ninja08nugget ninja0822 dagar sedan