If You CATCH IT, you KEEP IT! (Throwing off CRANE)

11 mar 2021
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  • Billy:I'm like a kid a pinyata birthday party ATHATAHAFYA

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  • Corey and hannah are the super best couple ever and corey your car is sick and i subscribe to your channel and i like how you drift and i love your new vlogs you guys are awesome and can i get a shout out plsssssssss

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  • Corey i watch all your vids and ad's to get you add revenue so you can reach your amazing goal of 100 million dollars witch is crazy but i believe in you and i think it's so grate that you can inspire people to achieve there goals no matter what they r. BTW i subscribed and terned on bell notification to help with your goal. My goal it to get to 10k subs by the end of the year i now its not crazy like yours but its a start. have a good one

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