Im Buying a NEW car....

13 mar 2021
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  • Bro is that a Supra!! If u know u know

    HS InfernoHS InfernoDag sedan
  • 2020 Corvette

    Susan FroidevauxSusan Froidevaux11 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Ciara ClarkeCiara Clarke18 dagar sedan
  • Subaru

    Hudson55 CarHudson55 Car19 dagar sedan
  • Y

    JK - 05JN 803364 Burnt Elm PSJK - 05JN 803364 Burnt Elm PS24 dagar sedan

    Gunner SternerGunner Sterner28 dagar sedan
  • I think it will be the 400z 9:00

    José El GüeroJosé El GüeroMånad sedan
  • am i the only one that said: i-i-i Is ThAt A SuPrA

    private propertyprivate propertyMånad sedan
  • 💙

    Dylan MannDylan MannMånad sedan
  • There are kids watching keep the cussing down thancks

    Christopher DickersonChristopher DickersonMånad sedan
  • Rpmact man

    Caleb DriskellCaleb DriskellMånad sedan
  • You should get like a supra or smt

    Taj CollierTaj CollierMånad sedan
  • Supra mk4

    dimitris sprekosdimitris sprekosMånad sedan
  • Plz not the bmw toyota (supra mk5)

    dimitris sprekosdimitris sprekosMånad sedan
  • GMC diesel truck for towing and a trailer

    Kaden LeachKaden LeachMånad sedan

    TRASH YOUTUBER Not pooTRASH YOUTUBER Not pooMånad sedan
  • Don’t sell the 240

    Billy DuckBilly DuckMånad sedan
  • What is the car you want to get

    Billy DuckBilly DuckMånad sedan
  • Like the vid

    Cooper EbertCooper EbertMånad sedan
  • get a toyota supra

    Arturo ChavezArturo ChavezMånad sedan
  • Mustang

    Sarah ConnerySarah ConneryMånad sedan
  • A supra

    Erika LindkvistErika LindkvistMånad sedan
  • so many good memorys

    xdCLiPED-_-xdCLiPED-_-Månad sedan
  • Lambo

    G3G_eclipzG3G_eclipzMånad sedan
  • Just waiting for him to use the supra

    Nicholas KalushnyNicholas KalushnyMånad sedan
  • a c8 corvette

    M.Sarbuland CheemaM.Sarbuland CheemaMånad sedan
  • haha 1992 Toyota Supra like if u agree

  • Lamborghini Sian 😂😂😂😂

    Todd WhibleyTodd WhibleyMånad sedan
  • Get a jdm car

    SCG Traps 0SCG Traps 0Månad sedan
  • Nissan GT-R

    PlAsMa ClOuDPlAsMa ClOuDMånad sedan
  • How much for the Corvette Brother

    Arjune PersaudArjune PersaudMånad sedan
  • That house was insane!

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Månad sedan
  • I have been here on the Funk train since yall were at your parents house and it has been a good journey Capron inspired me to start streaming on twitch so here it is.

    therealgunnermaystherealgunnermaysMånad sedan
  • Nissan 400z

    SleoSleoMånad sedan
  • Omggggg Is is ThAt a SuPra!!!!!!!!

    Jaxon WolfJaxon WolfMånad sedan
  • I honestly think you should get a jeep track hawk! They are awesome cars. They have the space, the sound, and the power!

    Landon CastroLandon CastroMånad sedan
  • U look good on a corvette so a c8 corvette

    973.adrian_ On instgram973.adrian_ On instgramMånad sedan
  • buy an old Nissan GT-R

    Bedri SinaniBedri SinaniMånad sedan
  • Is that a Supra! 5:37

    CagedModzCagedModzMånad sedan
  • A supra

    Makai DavisMakai DavisMånad sedan
  • You should get a Mustang

    Jack ScottJack ScottMånad sedan
  • Get a viper

    Jeremy meddersJeremy meddersMånad sedan
  • Hey my name is Richard 😁

    HighMango150HighMango150Månad sedan
  • Porch 911 convertible

    Epik BoyzEpik BoyzMånad sedan
  • That Supra is sick so nice

    Jonathan ReedJonathan ReedMånad sedan
  • You should get a R35 or an mk4 Supra

    Justin CuelloJustin CuelloMånad sedan
  • I will buy the 240sx

    Lake PottsLake PottsMånad sedan
  • If you sell anything or buy the 240 SX

    Lake PottsLake PottsMånad sedan
  • Corey what about the new m3 and m4?

    Arteen MahmoudiArteen MahmoudiMånad sedan
  • Is that a supra

    Aiden BerryAiden BerryMånad sedan
  • Calling it now I bet it’s gonna be a Porsche 911gt3/2rs

    Dylan KneeboneDylan KneeboneMånad sedan
  • Get a r8 or a gtr

    Lynden GilletteLynden GilletteMånad sedan
  • PLEASE get a Nissan 99 GTR

    Connor ChamberlainConnor ChamberlainMånad sedan
  • You should buy a 240 Volvo xD, put a turbo in it and it goes off lika a dragster

    Peter PreiszPeter PreiszMånad sedan
  • Why dont you get the toyota 86

    Emerson DelcidEmerson DelcidMånad sedan
  • why dont you get the exact engine and put it in your corvet

    Justin GarciaJustin GarciaMånad sedan
  • Mustang mac e

    Lorena HerGLorena HerGMånad sedan
  • Nissan 370z

    Aidan GaleAidan GaleMånad sedan
  • Am i the only one that thinks Richard’s white car in the garage is a supra mk4😂

    Seamus ConnorsSeamus ConnorsMånad sedan
  • My perants can only buy a £250 car every 2 years

    Shane OgdenShane OgdenMånad sedan
  • viper

    Dominick PylesDominick PylesMånad sedan
  • Porsche GT

    carson heinschcarson heinschMånad sedan
  • I know the car he wants it’s the Tesla cybertruck Because it has a lot of sells not too pricy comes out in 2022 and is a very different car

    Steve SlinnSteve SlinnMånad sedan
  • I think u should get a porse

    Eibhear ColleranEibhear ColleranMånad sedan
  • Rx7

    Sebastian RodriguezSebastian RodriguezMånad sedan
  • get a 350z or a supra

    Matthis BikelifeMatthis BikelifeMånad sedan
  • I remember twin you guys feel the trampoline up with those little things will go in the pool and pillows

    Jay- R SimmonsJay- R SimmonsMånad sedan
  • I remember it since the first that ever start watching you guys

    Jay- R SimmonsJay- R SimmonsMånad sedan
  • Get a Supra, ae86, mr2, rx7, or an integra gsr. Any of those would be sick af

    EjnmEjnmMånad sedan
  • Dude I swear if he gets a Supra! I hope he does

    Michael WarrenMichael WarrenMånad sedan
  • Get a Honda Civic type r

    Landen PeroutkaLanden PeroutkaMånad sedan
  • Get a S14

    Raccvag GamingRaccvag GamingMånad sedan
  • dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    yiyiq7009yiyiq7009Månad sedan
  • electric mustang trust Corey the drifts on it the sound is amazing if u wanna see just look up on SEworld first vid show all pros and cons

    bxlyxbxlyxMånad sedan
  • I love how they don't even mention the supra

    Alex OrimenkoAlex OrimenkoMånad sedan
  • Get the new corvette

    Brandy TurnerBrandy TurnerMånad sedan
  • It's a supra

    ModandodangModandodangMånad sedan
  • Buy a supra

    Sawyer DillsSawyer DillsMånad sedan
  • You should get a BRZ or a GT86

    Carolyn GutzmirtlCarolyn GutzmirtlMånad sedan
  • 🏎💥

  • Supraaaaaaaaaa

  • Is that a Supra

    T_R_Car_TalkT_R_Car_TalkMånad sedan
  • 1:15 is that a supraaaa?

    BavrlaaaBavrlaaaMånad sedan
  • mrk4 supra

    Jimmy HolthusJimmy HolthusMånad sedan
  • bruh when he said omg bro it sounded like something

    DaRk_Thomp 2kDaRk_Thomp 2kMånad sedan
  • A ford focus rs I personaly think its a good car

    Pdog _521Pdog _521Månad sedan
  • Ppppplllllllllzzzzzzzz gtr

    tymon 4btymon 4bMånad sedan
  • Get a hellcat minivan

    Hdhdbd DhhsbsbsHdhdbd DhhsbsbsMånad sedan
  • Corey! Get a Subaru WRX! Best car to customise

    JUST¡nsane_JUST¡nsane_Månad sedan
  • Wrx

    Zach DickeyZach DickeyMånad sedan
  • Datsun 240z

    Joe Logan BuildsJoe Logan BuildsMånad sedan
  • 2022 Subaru brz

    X2 CheeseburgerX2 CheeseburgerMånad sedan
  • IS THAT SUPRA????!!!!1111

    FallenArt BronyFallenArt BronyMånad sedan
  • Corey should get an R34 skyline

    FNC D3stroy3rFNC D3stroy3rMånad sedan
  • Porsh 911 or a brz , supra

    Bryson BessBryson BessMånad sedan
  • he should get the c8

    micheal burneymicheal burneyMånad sedan
  • r34

    kaleb sinclairkaleb sinclairMånad sedan
  • I think it’s a 350z

    Seth CollinsSeth CollinsMånad sedan
  • It def a 400z

    Matt CourteixMatt CourteixMånad sedan
  • We want you to get a rx7 or a supra

    yt_stole2021clanyt_stole2021clanMånad sedan