Her first time on 150ft SLIP N FLY

19 mar 2021
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  • Cool

    Sam MooreSam Moore5 dagar sedan
  • I'm going tomorrow it looks super fun

    Savage MannySavage Manny6 dagar sedan
  • 1:43 Corey looks like a fish lol

    Sincere ToussaintSincere Toussaint7 dagar sedan

    Ruby BrooksRuby Brooks8 dagar sedan
  • 4:42 is the sight we wanted

    Yoav MatanaYoav Matana9 dagar sedan
  • you sold brang a scooter to it

    iceyy 121iceyy 12110 dagar sedan
  • my moms friend owns that place

    Alexis EstradaAlexis Estrada10 dagar sedan
  • Visit Guatemala one day!!!!

    Alexa BenaventeAlexa Benavente10 dagar sedan
  • The funk bros are the best just saying idk if Logan paul has merch anymore I’m still watching the funk bros

    Aiden FeyAiden Fey10 dagar sedan
  • We have the same gta screen savor

    Henry LynchHenry Lynch10 dagar sedan
  • Hi Corey

    LSS AFLLSS AFL13 dagar sedan
  • Great so I’m reckless as well lol

    Benjamin EversBenjamin Evers14 dagar sedan
  • Ha 500th comment

    Survy GamesSurvy Games14 dagar sedan
  • The meme slide lol

    killerkogel82 hartenveldkillerkogel82 hartenveld15 dagar sedan
  • 3:18 he looks like wolverine

    Owen TitoOwen Tito15 dagar sedan
  • Perfect thumbnail not even capping honestly LIKE BEST THUMBNAIL EVER

    Michael RodriguezMichael Rodriguez17 dagar sedan
  • Where in Mexico is that cause I need to go 😂

    DC3 AvalosDC3 Avalos20 dagar sedan
  • They glided on water

    Kyden WinsorKyden Winsor20 dagar sedan
  • Yes, go to Mexico to slide on a slide that would not be safety approved in the states, and remember your medical insurance doesn’t transfer out of the country. ;)

    Red Barn HomesteadRed Barn Homestead20 dagar sedan
  • i get anxiety if people do something the wrong way like milk before cereal ;-; and ik this isnt part of the vid but im a mj fan but i rlly do think im the only one

    Meda PateMeda Pate20 dagar sedan
  • Iles

    Mackenzie MontanaMackenzie Montana21 dag sedan
  • You should go to Kalahari

    LG DominguezLG Dominguez22 dagar sedan
  • did u notice corey had snap chat up lol

    audrey klimaaudrey klima22 dagar sedan
  • Shitty content.

    Jayden RyanJayden Ryan22 dagar sedan
  • Where is this

    Brien BrownfieldBrien Brownfield23 dagar sedan
  • Where is this at I want to go

    axe baxe b23 dagar sedan
  • I swear I will build one of these one day. Mark this comment...

    Freddie SpitlerFreddie Spitler25 dagar sedan
  • Who is that girl?

    Ultimate gaming 12Ultimate gaming 1225 dagar sedan
  • I use aquaphor too because I have eczema I think that how to spell it but like eczema is so bad it literally is like your skin I dry as a desert and it itches so much I hate it

    ArandomkidlolArandomkidlol25 dagar sedan
  • Yo

    NICKOLAS JordanNICKOLAS Jordan25 dagar sedan
  • why the fuck was he using his phone in a water slide

    hihi25 dagar sedan
  • At 5:06 it shows her going down the slide on the right of Corey but at 5:20 its her "first time"?

    Vincent LongVincent Long26 dagar sedan
  • Love to hear la jeepeta at beging as soon as they get there that is so fun

    Margarita LondonoMargarita Londono26 dagar sedan
  • Mexico is the best place because of their music, their food, and thats where most of my family is, but I can't see them due to covid. I am also from Mexico. Stay safe if u go to Mexico.

    Javier ChaviraJavier Chavira26 dagar sedan
  • Rip to the go pro

    MMA CypexMMA Cypex26 dagar sedan
  • Title of video: “Her first time on 150ft SLIP N FLY” Me: “Right it’s only her first time cause that would’ve been dumb that Corey hasn’t done it already” 😂😂

    Lily and V TVLily and V TV27 dagar sedan
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    gopal ruidasgopal ruidas28 dagar sedan
  • 4:41 what is the color of the water

    yomizzyyomizzy28 dagar sedan
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    Yobani DazaYobani Daza28 dagar sedan
  • Oi

    Arrow Eh 30Arrow Eh 3028 dagar sedan
  • 9:05 you are in America😂 you mean usa

    Kaleb NennoKaleb Nenno28 dagar sedan
  • When i saw her first time i got dissapointed for a while

    Lake_zxyLake_zxy28 dagar sedan
  • He filmed this in Tijuana Mexico and at the pool vergel

    Analia Mendoza AguilarAnalia Mendoza Aguilar28 dagar sedan
    • I’ve been there

      Analia Mendoza AguilarAnalia Mendoza Aguilar28 dagar sedan
  • Girl goes down waterslide: “Wow i’m so proud of her” I get straight A’s: “Well your sister did better”

    Daniel MacLeodDaniel MacLeod28 dagar sedan

  • Who is the girl

    Bryan LBryan L28 dagar sedan
  • i have been watching you vids for 6 years if im haveing a bad day i will watch one of your vids and it makes my day

    FaZeMikey 5857FaZeMikey 585728 dagar sedan
  • Avocados from Mexico.

    Josh WallaceJosh Wallace29 dagar sedan
  • What’s the girls ig

    Joel VieraJoel Viera29 dagar sedan
  • He caught a ton of air

    Fortnite DudeFortnite Dude29 dagar sedan
  • Dude you modivadied me to to do a base ball clinic and I was SO nervous to do it thanks so much dude

    TheHoughrTheHoughrMånad sedan
  • Hey corey and where is this water park located

    LowgsifLowgsifMånad sedan
  • That is a lot park

    Karson LowKarson LowMånad sedan
  • Imagine an overnight challenge here. That would be crazy

    Mya StaffordMya StaffordMånad sedan
  • What model of corvette is you car

    Wyatt EWyatt EMånad sedan
  • I am in Mexico too

    Taelyn SmallTaelyn SmallMånad sedan
  • Yooi

    Tyler Darby12Tyler Darby12Månad sedan
  • I thought the girl in the thumbnail was tanner lazarbeam sister

    jansen scootsjansen scootsMånad sedan
  • How can he trust that phone

    wolfy 5965#wolfy 5965#Månad sedan
  • this is actually good content

    Mikey GutierrezMikey GutierrezMånad sedan
  • 1:40 One of my favorite song of Myke Towers

    Kamila VarelaKamila VarelaMånad sedan
  • Jesus Christ loves you sooo much

    Prophecy LJProphecy LJMånad sedan
  • Yo

    yo boys tvyo boys tvMånad sedan
  • I was in Mexico like two weeks a go

    Susan SleddSusan SleddMånad sedan
  • You should hit up Tanner Fox and come here again

    Dagmawi MezmurDagmawi MezmurMånad sedan
  • In latvia it is still snowing so good for you

    Kristians PodinsKristians PodinsMånad sedan
  • Whats her name?

  • Jesse Heffels did a quad back on the slide

    FlipLikeEthanFlipLikeEthanMånad sedan
  • Keep it up

    Luke TrahanLuke TrahanMånad sedan
  • POV: you clicked cause you saw the thumbnail

    Adrian GarciaAdrian GarciaMånad sedan
  • Corey is addicted to doing stupid shit 😂

    The Dino CrewThe Dino CrewMånad sedan
  • We craft this summer and actually going to Mexico and I wish I would see you

    Lilly HouckLilly HouckMånad sedan
  • At 9:15 his wallpaper is literally Los Santos from Gta 5. One of the best games in the world! Keep up the great work Corey!!!!🔥🔥🔥

    COOP GamingCOOP GamingMånad sedan
  • Rooooosters

    Danielle BrownDanielle BrownMånad sedan
  • FUN FACT they use those roosters for fighting to make money etc

    itsyaoletrashcanitsyaoletrashcanMånad sedan
  • Hey can you shout out milo hendrys channel

    GusBaller45GusBaller45Månad sedan
  • I thought he was gone take a shot or something the way he said it 😂😂😂😂😂

    The Bryant FamilyThe Bryant FamilyMånad sedan
  • 4:40

    savageha6savageha6Månad sedan
  • Let’s go the homies went to Tijuana at the pools

    Jonathan PorrasJonathan PorrasMånad sedan
  • Are u dating her or Hannah

    Lily MiaLily MiaMånad sedan
  • anyone know what this water park is called?

    Emerson EckertEmerson EckertMånad sedan
  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Good

    Majid saad MajidMajid saad MajidMånad sedan
  • Damn mexico isn't that bad if you find the perfect places

    BluFedBluFedMånad sedan
  • I’m just trying a different place and it will help us find the time of our house 🏠 we have the time of this month to be done ☑️ for us for our first week we are doing our work in a little more time together so we can do the next time you guys get to our church ⛪️ is a great time to talk with

    Louise SymonsLouise SymonsMånad sedan
  • Does the water not go up this mans nose???

    VoidVoidMånad sedan
  • this feels like old times

    rising phoenixrising phoenixMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t u take Hanna??????????

    Andy SanchezAndy SanchezMånad sedan
  • Sam I missed this day

    Luke Egner VlogsLuke Egner VlogsMånad sedan
  • they have on wet suits she has on a two piece This kind a feels like a what video games characters would wear

    joe jackojoe jackoMånad sedan
  • 4:41 thank me later

    AzE SnipingAzE SnipingMånad sedan
  • ally be cute tho lol how old is she

    justin armstrongjustin armstrongMånad sedan
  • 2 42 4 foot drop ?.?.??

    SingleGrape 1SingleGrape 1Månad sedan
  • That’s where you went on the funk bros a couple years ago

    Jesse DiazJesse DiazMånad sedan
  • my dad made aqufor

    William PetteyWilliam PetteyMånad sedan
  • Danny is such an idiot to be honest, but let him live the way he wants smh

    Sundance SappSundance SappMånad sedan
  • At sunsplash they have one of those toilet ones but the water is like 13 feet deep

    G04TH3RG04TH3RMånad sedan
  • You are my favorite in the mob too

    Grant PetersGrant PetersMånad sedan
  • You are my favorite youtuber

    Grant PetersGrant PetersMånad sedan
  • Love your vids can you plz give me a shout out plz my channel is ZboyGaming

    Grant PetersGrant PetersMånad sedan
  • He said America

    Braden MullinsBraden MullinsMånad sedan
  • i want to go their

    Michaela KrouseMichaela KrouseMånad sedan