Racing supercars in Reverse! (Corvette vs Tesla)

12 mar 2021
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  • I know how to hack a Tesla so what you do go to the Tesla app and go to settings on the Tesla app and the and go to buy Tesla on the Tesla app mess around with that Tesla and then you have your own Tesla

    Silas BurrowSilas Burrow12 dagar sedan
  • I love your vids

    Krystal HardyKrystal Hardy13 dagar sedan
  • 2:42 why is he smiling so creepily?

    Ryan DavisonRyan Davison17 dagar sedan
  • Is it Busan

    ReedDBoss LolReedDBoss Lol21 dag sedan
  • hi corey

    Roberto MartinezRoberto Martinez22 dagar sedan
  • Stop saying bad words

    Myles MilliganMyles Milligan25 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait for Corey to hit a million

    MonkeymanMonkeyman26 dagar sedan
  • Make a car Chanel cory

    P Knuckles The New kid on YouTubeP Knuckles The New kid on YouTube29 dagar sedan
  • 9:52 there's a shoe on the ceiling next to corey's head

    Cameron EdwardsCameron Edwards29 dagar sedan
  • Corey really is living my dream life

    Miguel QuezadaMiguel QuezadaMånad sedan
  • Do u guys have any skate board

    Gabby wassenbergGabby wassenbergMånad sedan
  • X

    Rex TurnellRex TurnellMånad sedan
  • #karma

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    hound on ythound on ytMånad sedan
  • yo im at school write know and this is good.

    Jesse MaestreyJesse MaestreyMånad sedan
  • Um why do you have a shoe taped to the ceiling? 😂

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Månad sedan
  • “This is fevers drag racing” as Charlie goes in drive 😂

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Månad sedan
  • Please don't call your cars supercars it not even close its very cringy

  • When is birthday

    William KemenWilliam KemenMånad sedan
  • Remember when Hannah was Corey’s assistant now he got another one he took her out to lunch idk fishy lol

    Kane WieczorekKane WieczorekMånad sedan
  • I love this title bc a corvette isn’t even a super car

    Joe FJoe FMånad sedan
  • Do you play on xbox

    Cristiano AlvesCristiano AlvesMånad sedan
  • This is what good wholesome content looks like👍

    Bran BroBran BroMånad sedan
  • Tesla Isn't a super car!!! It's a sport sedan!!!

    Simeon ZuevSimeon ZuevMånad sedan
  • Corey :my huge goal get a million (which we should get) Me : what about your 100 million goal???????

    Boy GeniusBoy GeniusMånad sedan
  • Claim your: before 1 hundred thousand views

    Seth OsgoodSeth OsgoodMånad sedan
  • Help Corey get 1 million subs!!♥️

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  • When he said “ hey suki moms leaving “ that’s so freaking cuteeee😩😩😩

    I’m Cynn3’I’m Cynn3’Månad sedan
  • You should do more Corvette videos

    Cassen BrunettiCassen BrunettiMånad sedan
  • Cory you should make a slid from the tree house

    Ryland DucharmeRyland DucharmeMånad sedan
  • Love your videos did you know where is right in the middle of April and June to

    Roberta ThompsonRoberta ThompsonMånad sedan
  • Tesla isn’t a super car

    Damion DonaldsonDamion DonaldsonMånad sedan
  • hahahahahahahahahahaha

    suhailah joharisuhailah johariMånad sedan
  • My birthday on June 10

    FN NateFN NateMånad sedan
  • How do I text you

    Henry FeringHenry FeringMånad sedan
  • Everybody get Corey to f**king 1million subs for his birthday because I want to make him happy

    Jennifer PoteetJennifer PoteetMånad sedan
  • Yes finally more scooter content

    Kevin FosterKevin FosterMånad sedan
  • Day 3 of saying hit to Corey until he says hi back.

    Carter WernerCarter WernerMånad sedan
    • Hi

      Corey FunkCorey FunkMånad sedan
  • Day 3 of saying hit to Corey until he says hi back.

    Carter WernerCarter WernerMånad sedan
  • The blue pan

    OutlawplayZOutlawplayZMånad sedan
  • In the one scene when he is in the house I have the same pan

    OutlawplayZOutlawplayZMånad sedan
  • Wait what happened to your other assistant

    EchoEchoMånad sedan
  • Great vid!

    Chuck NaztyChuck NaztyMånad sedan
  • Corey can you do videos on you working on cars

    Eoghan Mc PEoghan Mc PMånad sedan
  • Him teaching Suki to shut the door is goals! 🔥🔥

    Kiki AlexanderKiki AlexanderMånad sedan
  • my birthday is in April as well :):):):):)

    jude simmondsjude simmondsMånad sedan
  • At 5:19 wtf did she say lol haha

    Kieran McgowanKieran McgowanMånad sedan
  • Bruh I absolutely love your energy and you inspire me so much. Xx

    LimitLimitMånad sedan
  • You said leaning tower of Pisa well I'm here what do you need

    Corey PisaCorey PisaMånad sedan

    NI66A RA 3KONI66A RA 3KOMånad sedan
  • Suki is so big now!🐕🐶

    Katie SawyerKatie SawyerMånad sedan
  • I'm from India and tiktok is banned here so can you please post your tiktoks on instagram 🥺✨

    Nishant SamantrayNishant SamantrayMånad sedan
  • You should make a gaming video Corey big fan to

    Walter RussellWalter RussellMånad sedan
  • “Shisava” lmao

    FF_ Gofy05FF_ Gofy05Månad sedan
  • U know tesla hack put a water bottle in the exhust

    Juanito HernandezJuanito HernandezMånad sedan
  • Lovin the vlogs man keep it up

    Nathan ScottNathan ScottMånad sedan
  • Aye who else is part of the Chapter 1 Gang of the funk bros!

    Ha_lllooHa_lllooMånad sedan
  • Hi corey

    Jesse JonesJesse JonesMånad sedan
  • I love how much Corey and hannah have progressed in like the past year

    Branson HolbrookBranson HolbrookMånad sedan
  • What games where you playing?

    AbersAbersMånad sedan
  • Corey you my favorite youtuber keep it up

    Michael NavaMichael NavaMånad sedan
  • Your the best Cory

    bryan padillabryan padillaMånad sedan
  • The car vids are soo interesting and I want to watch videos about it

    Evan PeckEvan PeckMånad sedan
  • hi

    Mattew DelvaMattew DelvaMånad sedan
  • Love the daily vlogs

    Janne MarquardtJanne MarquardtMånad sedan
  • I love the drifting content would love to see more

    Corbino _Corbino _Månad sedan
  • It’s so cool that Susie can do all that! Keep sharing it it’s interesting

    Ayla ZuzekAyla ZuzekMånad sedan
  • Keep on doing flogs, they are the best

    Lorenzo ExpirementsLorenzo ExpirementsMånad sedan
  • #KARMA

    Semaj WorldSemaj WorldMånad sedan
  • You should get a racing sim

    x korhzx korhzMånad sedan
  • How do you train your dog like that??

    Cole BiselCole BiselMånad sedan
  • Lol Corey stile Drew's Jeep AND THEN HE PUT IT ON A LIFT LMAO

    Tsm_ ChiuyTsm_ ChiuyMånad sedan
  • When is the pond coming back

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  • Just realized you will be vlogging b2b a few weeks knowing that just makes my day

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  • hamburger helper slaps

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  • you and the mob should call up sed from the Mc Donalds drive through video.

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  • What games do you play

    Drippy ic3Drippy ic3Månad sedan
  • And btw u leaked Drew’s car license plate

    Jessica GoldbergJessica GoldbergMånad sedan
  • 💪🏼

    Luke Egner VlogsLuke Egner VlogsMånad sedan
  • I am so exited for these because I have something to look forward to. I know once I do all my school I can watch Corey yt vid

    Josiah CarneJosiah CarneMånad sedan
  • what is coreys outro song?😭😭love that little clip but have no idea what it’s called

    Cayden VilasecaCayden VilasecaMånad sedan
  • Ong Hannah said I love you to Cory but it is sad that he did not say it back

    CHT. DemoCHT. DemoMånad sedan
  • Keep up the good work

    Jack WalkerJack WalkerMånad sedan
  • Yeah Corey

    Jerry KingeryJerry KingeryMånad sedan
  • Love ur content keep it up

    Kellie LaMonicaKellie LaMonicaMånad sedan
  • Where we can drift… in Mexico

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  • best youtube channel right here

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  • Can you show us what your scooter is?

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  • Suki is so cute

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  • Is it just me or am I loving these vlogs?

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  • Hiiii Cory

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  • When covid is over with you should do a drift video with damon from Dde

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  • What’s your Xbox bame

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    • Name

      DeadDylanDeadDylanMånad sedan
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  • Dang

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  • Make car guys happy, make more videos on the garage repairing and doing things with your cars

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  • I had deja vu when you were talking with your other assistant omg

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