Neighbor sends us SUE papers, This is what it says ...

4 apr 2021
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  • If ur doing something on ur private property u pretty much can do what ever you want to do plus if u want just ur neighbor to piss off because ur doesn’t own u or he can’t tell you what to do plus ur neighbor isn’t the boss of u guys

    Vape GangVape Gang2 dagar sedan
  • i want more car vids.

    Feli xFeli x3 dagar sedan
  • your neighbours are suing you? good. i don't even know who you are and i want to sue you too.

    FuckEbonicsFuckEbonics5 dagar sedan
  • She deserves to go to KAREN JAIL

    Everyday MtbEveryday Mtb6 dagar sedan
  • This Guy is the definition of a child.

    Forged VoidForged Void8 dagar sedan
  • That car sheeeesh i love it (2nd favorite car )

    cxnnxrvancxnnxrvan8 dagar sedan
  • How about buy a house not in California where there are 0 neighbors and you can do whatever the fuck you want. I mean your play rocket league in your yard. People that live around you are obviously going to be unhappy.

    Corey jCorey j9 dagar sedan
  • go to Los Banos they wont do noting

    Luke GoncalvesLuke Goncalves11 dagar sedan
  • What contri are you in

    Jay GrindrodJay Grindrod12 dagar sedan
  • Neighbour is a male Karen

    Harjeevan BainsHarjeevan Bains12 dagar sedan
  • #Iron girlfriend head

    Filippo E AltadonnaFilippo E Altadonna12 dagar sedan
  • RIP jumping cars I guess

    Filippo E AltadonnaFilippo E Altadonna12 dagar sedan
  • Dose Walter still work at the vault

    CH-COUCHCH-COUCH12 dagar sedan
  • Yo if you have to move I will be so mad bc people just seem to not lie y'all I don't like it they need to talk to you they are wasting money if u have to buy houses over and over and if u can try to look for houses right now so if u do get sued then you will have a house good luck with your neighbors neighbors

    peoplearecrazyyyypeoplearecrazyyyy13 dagar sedan
  • good, dink

    g robertg robert14 dagar sedan
  • you may not see this but moving is a lot of money but you should. that person is mad like a mad person. if you move talk to the neighbors a lot before you buy it. but all and all stay safe and I hope you can win this for us all. Good luck bro

    Ivan MeadowsIvan Meadows14 dagar sedan
    • Drew Dirksen, you are so right straight karen

      Ivan MeadowsIvan Meadows14 dagar sedan
  • what is the the car model name?

    Camille MCamille M14 dagar sedan
  • He so funny

    Lajuana ArnoldLajuana Arnold14 dagar sedan
  • ii juh love him no homo

    Lajuana ArnoldLajuana Arnold14 dagar sedan
  • i have a neighbor too like that its so anoying

    Emily EdmondsEmily Edmonds14 dagar sedan
  • Fuck this I will beat there ass if that was me and let them have it like it’s that crazy how you keep your cool

    Looney playsLooney plays14 dagar sedan
  • Sorry for my language but this is fucked and the only why that this won’t happen again is if you spend millions of dollars on buying a big property then building your dream house

    Looney playsLooney plays14 dagar sedan
  • There was a time I accidentally kicked my carpool mate thing from school and her grandma literally just screamed at me and I was like if u literally just said that I kicked you I would’ve said sorry and she said well u never did ITS BECAUSE I DIDNT FEEL IT I THOUGHT I KICKED THE HEAD REST

    Itsme JujuItsme Juju14 dagar sedan
  • That’s such a pussy move

    HarrisonHarrison14 dagar sedan
  • can yall just move cause we aint got time for them d** people so when yall did that video playing socker with the cars they was takeing pic then

    Natravion PetersonNatravion Peterson15 dagar sedan
  • i would just plant a bunch of trees in front of his property then he cant see anything XD

    Toast_Fairy1Toast_Fairy115 dagar sedan
  • what if he got romanatwood kind of house

    carson forbescarson forbes15 dagar sedan
  • Who else wants to be Corey funk when they grow up

    Electric ZeroElectric Zero15 dagar sedan
  • this sucks, it's their property and they should be able to do what they want. And now there're going to feel restricted with video ideas bc of the neighbor

    Esmeralda RamírezEsmeralda Ramírez15 dagar sedan
  • This fucking sucks so much man Corey is so nice and down to earth and his neighbour is basically ruining his life.

    DeanoGamesDeanoGames15 dagar sedan
  • So close to 700k

    DeanoGamesDeanoGames15 dagar sedan
  • So then what's gonna happen to the pond

  • I thot this was like something then gone about sewing if I was there I would sew you Nader for being meen at you

    Chibuike Games YTChibuike Games YT15 dagar sedan
  • log cabin

    kingblacktopkingblacktop15 dagar sedan
  • U should move to a place in the country or close to the country

    country dudecountry dude15 dagar sedan
  • Come on let’s get this man to 700k

    FREDDIEFREDDIE15 dagar sedan
  • Move to the country

    Adam PetersonAdam Peterson15 dagar sedan
  • do what danny duncan does, mans is living his best life in his property

    r6lphyyr6lphyy15 dagar sedan
  • Take a leaf out of Travis pastranas book go buy acres where u have no neighbors to complain🤣

    reece Leereece Lee15 dagar sedan
  • I have a neighbor like that too

    Jacob ReedJacob Reed16 dagar sedan
  • I love that Corey vlogs now it’s amazing!

    Madz WilliamsMadz Williams16 dagar sedan
  • Daily streak broken

    Kasey MerrenblumKasey Merrenblum16 dagar sedan
  • neighbor two face and crybaby money

    Phillip BennettPhillip Bennett16 dagar sedan
  • I need a job pmo 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    Corey JohnsonCorey Johnson16 dagar sedan
  • Jdm always beats electric

    Raded M for ManRaded M for Man16 dagar sedan
  • there lammmeee booomers

    TinyAppleTacoTinyAppleTaco16 dagar sedan
  • Is the Property your if it is you can do whatever you want

    Cody HiseCody Hise16 dagar sedan
  • Those rims though.

    Crackhead Aka meatballCrackhead Aka meatball16 dagar sedan
  • it is your property so u can do what you want they cant stop u

    Lee JohnsonLee Johnson16 dagar sedan
  • See Im confused, do you guys rent or own the property? If you own it then technically (unless the laws are different then where I’m from) then he cannot do anything about what you do on your property, as long as you guys own it and have the proof of ownership.

    Cayden LeBlancCayden LeBlanc16 dagar sedan
  • Im sorry but screw him cause it's your yard u can do whatever u want untill like 11 at night u can make as much noise u want till like 11 at night let him try to sue u I garinte it want go through he could of been nice and came up to u but if he would of done tht then it would be different like u said I'd keep doing it cause there's nothing he can do about it it's your yard u can do whatever till a certain time at night were I live it's 11 idk about were u live but screw him fr fr I get u wanna be nice but he wasint nice so screw him and let him try to sue u

    Grizzly AddamsGrizzly Addams16 dagar sedan
  • Corey punk

    Owen JohansonOwen Johanson16 dagar sedan
  • Come to Macedonia 🇲🇰 u can do anything, u can do ur dumb shit and it will be ok 👌🏼 no body will sou u because everyone does that shit

    Mr. WhiteMr. White16 dagar sedan
  • the time of this video is perfect 10 minutes :D

    Robin van der DriftRobin van der Drift16 dagar sedan
  • Old model s

    AJ-TV -AJ-TV -16 dagar sedan
  • Yo move to nikiski alaska and you don’t have to deal with any of that legal crap. I can shoot guns in my back yard.

    Sam SmithSam Smith16 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for y'all

    Cooper BBQCooper BBQ16 dagar sedan
  • Drew you are one of the best SEworld I’ve watch

    Trent RabuckTrent Rabuck17 dagar sedan
  • And what's going on between him and his neighbor

    Cheryl SkeltonCheryl Skelton17 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for Cory

    Cheryl SkeltonCheryl Skelton17 dagar sedan
  • Corey you should drive a dirt racecar

    BeefCakeCarterBeefCakeCarter17 dagar sedan
  • Get it pink Nj

    LazyBoy2907LazyBoy290717 dagar sedan
  • My dad wouldn’t even be mad he would enjoy watching them do this stuff

    Steven SiegfriedSteven Siegfried17 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the videos

    Cooper EbertCooper Ebert17 dagar sedan
  • U should come and live were I live

    Striving Pizza52Striving Pizza5217 dagar sedan
  • Neighbor is a straight Karen

    Brayden Drake GaboyaBrayden Drake Gaboya17 dagar sedan
  • I love you guys and I love you're content, but as an adult I really would not want you as my neighbours. You're home should be a place were u can come home from work and just chill and enjoy your evening or your day off. Some people aren't content creators and have to be up at 6 o' clock to work all day. I can imagine that you guys are really loud and disruptive. I find it a little strange that you are always suprised that you have trouble with neighbours with all the things you guys do, like the racing ... You guys really have to start thinking more about the fact that you're not alone and that not everyone wants to live there life's the way you do..It's all fun when you're young but when you're older you just want to be at ease in you're own home. And this is really not meant as hate toward you guys, but as a reality check..

    Janne niet janneJanne niet janne17 dagar sedan
  • Man I hate angry neighbors like that! You should go and try to talk to them

    Cassie 4realCassie 4real17 dagar sedan
    • They already have

      ColbyJackCheeseColbyJackCheese16 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad that they moved there for no drama and can make content for us and then this happens and it really sucks.

    Taylor ThomasTaylor Thomas17 dagar sedan
  • In that one video you were trying to do the right thing and he did not want it why would he do that your a good person and just wow

  • The neighbor is a mean person

    Nathanael HayNathanael Hay17 dagar sedan
  • can kaprin play fortnite with me

    green skullyboigreen skullyboi17 dagar sedan
  • Yeah corey’s almost at 700k

    Twitch_ EskimoTwitch_ Eskimo17 dagar sedan
  • Wait, did I just see this man beat a tesla?!???

    Merek BannisterMerek Bannister17 dagar sedan
  • Hey Corey I’m a really big fan and I really want to get a project car and where is the best place to get one

    woodturkeywoodturkey17 dagar sedan
    • And you inspired me for when I get older I want to be a drifter

      woodturkeywoodturkey17 dagar sedan
  • Michgain

    TAZTAZ17 dagar sedan
  • Move by me mi

    TAZTAZ17 dagar sedan
    • Me* lol

      ColbyJackCheeseColbyJackCheese16 dagar sedan
  • Neighbor is a straight Karen

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen17 dagar sedan
    • Agreed 😂😂

      Martt TubeMartt Tube7 dagar sedan
    • facts

      Cate FritchCate Fritch12 dagar sedan
    • Omg drew

      Kamdynn WymanKamdynn Wyman14 dagar sedan
    • Yep lol

      Melissa BarberMelissa Barber15 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Bryan HughesBryan Hughes15 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t knew that his 240 has a 2jz

    bastian 22bastian 2217 dagar sedan
  • Take that paper to your lawyers because it don't sound legal! Then put up a TALL fence.

    GabrielMarie KingsleyGabrielMarie Kingsley17 dagar sedan
  • I am so sorry that this is happening to you all. Stay safe, will continue to pray for the best.

    Madeline TownsendMadeline Townsend17 dagar sedan
  • wheres Eli

    Mickey 0903Mickey 090317 dagar sedan
  • It sucks having bad neighbors one person moved in about 3 years ago next to us she is drunk and yelling before 1pm and she would yell at me and my sister for making to much noise when she is drunk and yelling at her bbq and how much she spent on it and it burns every thing. One time she was on the phone at like 3 am she was on her phone yelling i am so drunk i see 5 beer bottles and that is just in side. We put in all our fences and split it with our other neighbors she said it was fine and didn't want to pay for it and there is a whole in fence that her dogs can just walk go though we have tried blocking it but the dogs just break it again. This was happening when we were putting in a pool. the cops have also showed up at her house 3 or 4 times we still don't know why.

    Andrew CircoAndrew Circo17 dagar sedan
  • he trynna get money outta u guys but wanna keep his "COOL" and trynna get the most money out of you bc he knows ur youtubers! {YOUR NEIGHBIOR}

    FN biggy_not_smallFN biggy_not_small17 dagar sedan
  • I’m sad too cause my grandma died last night she was my idol

    RB PRB P17 dagar sedan
  • JUSTICE FOR THE FUNK BROS ✊✊✊✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    Anthony MontrondAnthony Montrond17 dagar sedan
    • Bruh

      sillyaqtsillyaqt8 dagar sedan
  • I hate to see this corey. People can be real turds, This is my opinion but i think the best thing for you and the mob to do is to move out of California. I understand yall have family and friends there but i think the best yall can do is to move out of that state.

    Austin AveryAustin Avery17 dagar sedan
  • We help me neighbor and then a nice neighbor which the nice ones moved to Florida and the main neighbors brought their property

    Familyfun HouseFamilyfun House17 dagar sedan
  • Our neighbors told me to have reason to be jerks one time they called animal control saying we had 40 dogs being mistreated they don’t even have 40 dogs and we don’t miss treat them they also called the cops for us driving on the grass they complain about us blocking the road

    Familyfun HouseFamilyfun House17 dagar sedan
  • That rap shop got a damm dip lmp car in there lol

    Alex /Alex /17 dagar sedan
  • Someone called the cops on me because I was playing in the woods and said there was shadows lerking in the dark bro I'm 12

    Uraiah GeiselUraiah Geisel17 dagar sedan
  • Then sue them too

    JunXDJunXD17 dagar sedan
  • Corey you should get a funk warehouse

    Hi It’s AnharHi It’s Anhar17 dagar sedan
  • Give the nice neighbours a shopping spree for being nice

    kaidan hatchettkaidan hatchett17 dagar sedan
  • Are neighbors be hide us are trying to send us a fine for are trash cans being on the side of are house and for are dog bark outside when he is only out there for 1-2 minutes at a time and they are the ones in there hot tub at 10:00pm making noise!!!

    Tehya RisterTehya Rister17 dagar sedan
  • 👇🏻

    Ish ElianIsh Elian17 dagar sedan
  • Send the papers back with a uno reverse card

    Quaid IrelandQuaid Ireland17 dagar sedan
  • we have the sue thing

    opticz21opticz2117 dagar sedan
  • Corey take it to court

    Ben MorganBen Morgan17 dagar sedan
  • Just get a huge empty lot of land make a track and make a work shop for corey over there i mean mabey there is a close lot of land! :)

    avani whiteavani white17 dagar sedan