Testing viral tiktok pranks on girlfriend!

4 mar 2021
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  • Daddy pls

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  • You should think of something like a task and crate someone Hong that would make that task easier. It also should help most people.

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  • Wate songes

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  • Frome charlie

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  • Thanks for miking so menu bids so so SOO fun I

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  • bbro you touched the girls hole

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  • wtf is the thumbnail

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  • You should show your junk car up with Orby’s and then dump it

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  • I want some Air thing that I can graduate 1143snodentares

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  • My dad owns a busness its called cherrybomb llc he does just about anything

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  • The pink or red nails i was dying i peed my self

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  • Corey: I need to hire some people to help (while playing a clip of kids)

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  • Let me get you a knife reall quick....brings out a saw zaw 🤣

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  • subscribe or ill pour milk before the cereal lol

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  • Thumbnail is just for views

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  • Jokes on me i can't use a pedal comander on a carburated engine

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  • daddy corey

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  • Cory kind a looks like Cody/whistling diesel

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  • Is my name on the car

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  • funey

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  • That’s was funny

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  • make this the most liked comment on this video

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  • “Let me get you a knife” *grabs saws all*

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  • My dad has one of those pedle things and it goes to sport 35

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  • Dude

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  • Lesson on how to get views 1. look over surprised 2. Pretend your gf gets naked ...results Massive stonks

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  • Corey:Lemme get you a knife Me:That’s an automatic saw Corey’s mind:Same thing

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  • buy tesla stock boyii

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  • i think that hannah and Corey should get married love you guys

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  • Hi

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  • Roses are red violets are blue I clicked the video because the tumpnail and you did too

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  • Literally everybody: Me:669k subscribers nice

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  • The Pedal commander takes the delay out of the throttle

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  • 9:36 🤣 That face!

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  • I like how he has 669K subs 😎

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  • That’s so nice that they are good brothers

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  • Can 14 yrs old help u?

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  • Hey I never noticed that Walter from The Vault Pro Scooters

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  • You are stupid

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  • just saying I think your best videos are like this, how you talk and do random stuff and I think you should go back to doing that in funk bros other then planing it all so much xxx

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  • I'll help

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  • Corey and Hannah should make their own channel called Corey and Hannah

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  • My brother had the same thing that chairly had with his arm

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  • My brother had the same thing that chairly had with his arm

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  • My brother had the same thing that chairly had with his arm

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  • I’m yt

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  • 4:58 Well hello there jake from state farm

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  • i a big fan

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  • Done

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  • Hey Corey I just wanted to know if u still have your S14 with the 2 JZ engine

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  • hey Corey my grandpa maybe can help you because he builds houses schools and cars

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  • Did he just make a Tesla Z06

  • Capron got the Model X back?

    HaedmiiHaedmiiMånad sedan
  • Corey hope hannah doesnt see this comment you should take hannahs car for a prank and tell her you crashef it

    Zackary M.Zackary M.Månad sedan
  • My guy thought it was nitrous oxide

    Ashton LocklierAshton LocklierMånad sedan
  • hey Corey it's my birthday today and i would really be happy if you responded

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  • capron looks like corey dad when he was sitting on capron

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  • Y dont u have your seatbelt on bro

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  • You know some days you just wake up and decide to be a millionaire

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  • Did anyone notice Corey's left fingers on the thumbnail? Or just me 😂😂

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  • Nice thumbnail dude

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  • You shouldn’t use that thing to scuba dive. It can make you very sick.

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  • Charlie is so cute, some lady better snatch him up though-

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  • I would like to help but I’m 9 but I built a 3 story tree house

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  • I love when Corey makes video’s and I get home a watch them all

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  • Love you SEworld channel is amazing

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  • Hi Corey funk this Xavier rodriguez how do you make a SEworld channel because I want to make one but I need your help

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  • Walter r u either gay or ?????????????

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  • POV your just here because of the cover Hannah with no pants

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  • Nice wavestorm kook

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  • Your goal is amazing

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  • I've been going through a really hard time and you guys have just been so inspiring and making my days soooooo much better 😊😇🙏💜💜💜

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  • Hi

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  • Hi

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  • When Corey rips his pants... Britt tickling Drew lol

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  • Yooooo wassup

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  • One of my dads car is so powerful when you press the gas it lifts up the tires like one foot off the ground

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  • Corey is amazing just like his brother Capron. Amazing videos Corey. Happy late bday Charlie and let that arm heal.

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  • Anyone else here March 1st

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  • I love your videos

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  • are you and hannh still dating?

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  • hi corey can u heart this i hope u make ur goal keep the vids up are can u respod for a joke to my friend lol 😂😂😂 ur the best yt also im from alaska :)

  • I’m here on March 4th hbu🤓

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  • what is the song that you play

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  • Corey: let me get you a knife Corey’s “knife”: hello I am a saw

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  • Add the video when it is five minutes in why does Cory looks like he works at target

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  • Iet’s make his goal hapan

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  • “Let me get you a knife real quick.” Comes back with a saw

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  • Epicco!👌

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  • How to clickbait 101

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