Contacting my NEIGHBOR that wants to SUE me....

28 mar 2021
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  • canyon lake is the best stuff to be at make sure to go to happy camp and say hi to my dads flag Mark Heider thanks

    HasaifnHasaifn6 dagar sedan
  • Hey Corey I play cod too so I was wondering if u want to play sometime

    SKRTZ CODSKRTZ COD8 dagar sedan
  • east port market off of goetz rd. i used to take my dogs to the boat launch down there and let them run around in the parking lot

    Ethan CarlisleEthan Carlisle11 dagar sedan
  • How did you start your SEworld channel cause I might start a channel??

    Jay GrindrodJay Grindrod12 dagar sedan
  • I want to be just like Corey on day

    Jay GrindrodJay Grindrod12 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to San Diego soon

    Ronan RebrovichRonan Rebrovich15 dagar sedan
  • I love there mom and dad

    EthanF_1204EthanF_120418 dagar sedan
  • ❤️❤️

    Ciara ClarkeCiara Clarke19 dagar sedan
  • Try to tok to hem

    JoeyLynn6JoeyLynn620 dagar sedan
  • male KAREN

    William LawrenceWilliam Lawrence20 dagar sedan
  • Me that lives in Canada wow 49 is really hot. Then I realize it is the up US

    SnarkySnarky21 dag sedan
  • The Neighbor name is David

    Jas-PlayzJas-Playz21 dag sedan
  • I hate him

    Jessica BareJessica Bare22 dagar sedan
  • I also think you could end up being friends ..

    Millie JonesMillie Jones22 dagar sedan
  • I think he should mind his own. Business and let you guys have fun and get on with your life ...

    Millie JonesMillie Jones22 dagar sedan
  • Do a Backflip

    Jana GouwsJana Gouws23 dagar sedan
  • Corey, being in cold water is actually very good for your body. It strengthens your immune system.

    So HeSo He23 dagar sedan
  • I totally know what your momma means when she says it makes her happy to see you there and having fun. I have 2 grown kids and it’s the best feeling for a parent.

    ShellyShelly23 dagar sedan
  • Hannah's business drops on my b day best if luck Hannah you both are amazing

    bill mikebill mike23 dagar sedan
  • this channel is a pg version of david dobrik

    Liam ScullyLiam Scully23 dagar sedan
  • Imagine just being able to go to Hawaii

    Stick ManStick Man23 dagar sedan
  • Hannah called Suki sister and Corey is Suki's dad? Sweet home Alabama!

    Alfons WalldenAlfons Wallden23 dagar sedan
  • It will be funny comment down below if you guys want them to do a drunk prank

    Familyfun HouseFamilyfun House23 dagar sedan
  • Pls

    Familyfun HouseFamilyfun House23 dagar sedan
  • To do a drunk prank on capron please

    Familyfun HouseFamilyfun House23 dagar sedan
  • Why u make fake content man..

  • what that tank that you were using called

    mud trickstersmud tricksters23 dagar sedan
  • corey i wanted to know if u would like to play a game of cod with me? it would be a dream i love you capron and the whole mob.

    Xoctiic -_-Xoctiic -_-23 dagar sedan
  • Him sitting saying 40 degrees is cold but when in Ireland when it gets to 13 degrees we think it is so warm

    Kenzie MccaulKenzie Mccaul23 dagar sedan
  • I love suki he is the cutest dog in the world thanks Cory for inspiring me

    Zach GilewiczZach Gilewicz23 dagar sedan
  • I love how the guy that was online was like ty dude he got me the habit.

    The Legendary OxThe Legendary Ox24 dagar sedan
  • I love suki

    Oscars gamingOscars gaming24 dagar sedan
  • Same i love suke

    Oscars gamingOscars gaming24 dagar sedan
  • Aw Mama Funk ♥️

    jman415jman41524 dagar sedan
  • Are you and Hanna going to have kids together and when.

    XZilo CobraXZilo Cobra24 dagar sedan
  • corey u are so hand some

  • That's called a shock collar everyone that does't know just wanted to address that 😁

    LomdoxLomdox24 dagar sedan
  • What cad is he playing

    Sabrina BowenSabrina Bowen24 dagar sedan
  • I have that some dog caller

    Blake MorreimBlake Morreim24 dagar sedan
  • You inspired me to start drifting

    Zoe DodgeZoe Dodge24 dagar sedan
  • I sent you something on snapchat

    Cooper HolmCooper Holm24 dagar sedan
  • That burger thing at the end tho is like the best prank you can do ngl

    TuftRhino 3732TuftRhino 373224 dagar sedan
  • Charlie looks like a young version of Donald Trump jr.

    Ian The TurtleManIan The TurtleMan24 dagar sedan

    Armani on gfuelArmani on gfuel24 dagar sedan
  • 6:53 I think that Charlie is trying to look like Capron

    Colby MartinColby Martin24 dagar sedan
  • Need to invest in concrete sound dampening barriers and put them on the complaining neighbours side of ur property

    Bradley keepBradley keep24 dagar sedan
  • You and your brother make my day every time you guys post

    Beautpie OwenBeautpie Owen24 dagar sedan
  • It's Noah. D

    Mustaqeem BruynsMustaqeem Bruyns24 dagar sedan
  • Is your last name actually funk

    JackAttack JegsJackAttack Jegs24 dagar sedan
  • Thears beds every whear in the mob house

    Hollie GodboldHollie Godbold24 dagar sedan
  • That scuba tank is dangerous

    DeanDean24 dagar sedan
  • I live in Hawaii

    Jessica WatsonJessica Watson24 dagar sedan
  • I live in Alberta we get -30 weather 🤣, and you think +40 weather is cold? 😱😂

    Keira RodermondKeira Rodermond24 dagar sedan
  • u can tell by his lips the neighbours name is daVID

    RainzGGRainzGG24 dagar sedan
  • that is worse fucking neighbour ever

    Kamaal SimpsonKamaal Simpson24 dagar sedan
  • My birthday is almost (1april)

    Nathan Du PlessisNathan Du Plessis24 dagar sedan
  • What did you name sookie after

    Cole DamronCole Damron24 dagar sedan
  • HEY!!!! can I have a burger 🍔 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    MakoMako24 dagar sedan
  • Corey meet me at SD

    Quan Does not know gamingQuan Does not know gaming24 dagar sedan
  • I love the vlogs so much keep it up

    adventures with zacharyadventures with zachary24 dagar sedan
  • f ur neibour

    gamer291 lolgamer291 lol24 dagar sedan
  • What type of dog do you have??

    Pepijn VerkerkPepijn Verkerk24 dagar sedan
  • Move to Texas they like loud noises and it dosnt bother them California is kinda strict

    Dylan WaidDylan Waid24 dagar sedan
  • That guy is so stupid

    Almesa DautiAlmesa Dauti24 dagar sedan
  • I have the same collar for my new puppy

    Collin FarinoCollin Farino24 dagar sedan
  • Suki reminds me of my dog that ran away his name was Sandy I hope you two have fun wile it lasts.

    Trevor ShortridgeTrevor Shortridge24 dagar sedan
  • Bro I wouldn’t be mad I would say yooo can I join you

    Madisyn EcholsMadisyn Echols24 dagar sedan
  • My dog today is turning three and suki is so big 🤩

    Brandt StrehleBrandt Strehle24 dagar sedan
  • He should’ve hit the question on her in hawaii

    Scullcrusher YTScullcrusher YT24 dagar sedan
  • we have the same thing

    zack pitassizack pitassi24 dagar sedan
  • @Corey Funk. Where did you get the air tanks from

    Owen SofferOwen Soffer24 dagar sedan
  • I have that shocker for my dog too

    iiichever eiiichever e24 dagar sedan
  • Love your video's

    Ramon RuelasRamon Ruelas24 dagar sedan
  • Mans just gave a stranger a burger bc he was talking smack

    goidgoid24 dagar sedan
  • 6:21thats a nice shock collar remote would be ashamed if something happened How many volts?

    Dead zeroDead zero24 dagar sedan
  • You should let the viewers contact your neighbors 😉 I bet they won’t sue you after that!

    mzpmzp24 dagar sedan
  • yestraday was my b-day

    Jakobe AustinJakobe Austin24 dagar sedan
  • Not the burger 🍔🤣

    illiminate06illiminate0624 dagar sedan
  • The scooter had the same grips of mine!!!!!!

    Aidan FrenchAidan French24 dagar sedan
  • I love your moustache

    Brock SligarBrock Sligar24 dagar sedan
  • You don't know the you silly guy Corey you silly

    Cody SaundersCody Saunders24 dagar sedan
  • I'm impressed that you contacted the guy and want to try and settle things. He probably was just as shocked to recieve a message from you and that's why he agreed to get together.

    juliem_1986juliem_198624 dagar sedan
  • I lived in Hawaii but I moved

    james harneyjames harney24 dagar sedan
  • You are so epic

    Lizanne ConwayLizanne Conway25 dagar sedan
  • Oh we hate him...

    AlexAlex25 dagar sedan
  • We already hate him with out knowing who he is

    Michele DavisMichele Davis25 dagar sedan
  • I'm completely on your side Corey

    Heather HobbesiefkenHeather Hobbesiefken25 dagar sedan
  • Dose Hannah live with you

    Austin BeasleyAustin Beasley25 dagar sedan
  • hannah low key need some new forces ngl

    YozixifyYozixify25 dagar sedan
  • I remember when Suki was a little pup

    Vlog WatcherVlog Watcher25 dagar sedan
  • Suki got so big I love er

    Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson25 dagar sedan
  • Do you always ride your scoot with your flipped like that

    JaxonJaxon25 dagar sedan
  • My dog was barking when u were squeezing the toys 😂

    I’m Rafi hI’m Rafi h25 dagar sedan
  • I don’t no but I it bell and notion all on so I see this early

    Jackson DayJackson Day25 dagar sedan
  • His name is totally David

    Carson BarkerCarson Barker25 dagar sedan
  • You need to scream like a little dogs thats hurt when she bites you

    Gunnar JonesGunnar Jones25 dagar sedan
  • Corey has that dog just as crazy as him lol

    The Bryant FamilyThe Bryant Family25 dagar sedan
  • To all the wonderful people that see this hope u have a great day and more

    Dawson CharlesDawson Charles25 dagar sedan
  • I’m headed to Bakersfield,California and lit 🔥 vlogs Corey

    William’s Davis GamingWilliam’s Davis Gaming25 dagar sedan
  • hi big fan

    xbox playerxbox player25 dagar sedan