My Friend and I Wrecked my Brand new car!

28 jan 2021
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  • Almost the same time as you an hannah

    Leon MooreLeon MooreMånad sedan
  • You and that car have been together almost the same time lol

    Leon MooreLeon MooreMånad sedan
  • Come to Australia and we will teach ya how to drift on pavement

    Jesse HillJesse HillMånad sedan
  • Nice missle Jag, yo make it convertable

    FallenArt BronyFallenArt Brony2 månader sedan
  • ya should lift the civics and put tractor tires on and make it off-road

    statik sebastianstatik sebastian2 månader sedan
  • Why does the 2nd sentence in the desc. of the video give me anxiety

    lil. bearlil. bear2 månader sedan
  • Wait, what happened to the new house. Did you guys keep both houses.

    Aveed MaroofiAveed Maroofi2 månader sedan
  • Corey makes our quarantine a lot better

    ChazChaz2 månader sedan
  • Can you please get that gay guy off your channel

    T NicholsonT Nicholson2 månader sedan
  • Love this kind of content hopefully you never stop buying junk cars and drifting then!!!

    Mr BeastMr Beast2 månader sedan
  • You should of bought a mustang

    Viridiana orozcoViridiana orozco2 månader sedan
  • Triple squares

    Zachary A Chavez gaming / vlogZachary A Chavez gaming / vlog2 månader sedan
  • when you paving a little track at your house

    Samuel JenkinsSamuel Jenkins2 månader sedan
  • You should fill that gas tank with 7 up

    Cole DamronCole Damron2 månader sedan
  • if Corey loves go karting why doesn't he build a go-kart track

    Vital LocksVital Locks2 månader sedan
  • Sup

    Ch33zy Fr33zyCh33zy Fr33zy2 månader sedan
  • why are they at the old house? does Oliver live there now? or is that just when they bought it?

    Lauren MaugansLauren Maugans2 månader sedan
  • What’s a I’m dying.

    Mel BellaMel Bella2 månader sedan
  • Luxes ls400 v8 1999

    Mohammed FaisalMohammed Faisal2 månader sedan
  • Bro buy a Lexus ls400

    Mohammed FaisalMohammed Faisal2 månader sedan
  • Why are they at the old funk house

    Brothers_of_destruction_Brothers_of_destruction_2 månader sedan
  • oliver needs to b back in videos

    Aiden LoudermeltAiden Loudermelt2 månader sedan
  • there at there old house when they striped it

    Jameson PoiterJameson Poiter2 månader sedan
  • buy me a ps5 pls i leave in kenya

    Samtertius KiamaSamtertius Kiama2 månader sedan
  • Yeah the jag is a European car its from the UK and the bolts on the engine what you said are hex screws are Alan keys

    Josh MilesJosh Miles2 månader sedan
  • Were Oliver has been

    VEGONENVEGONEN2 månader sedan

    JoshuaGamingJoshuaGaming2 månader sedan
  • Why you guys at the old house

    Haylee PearsonHaylee Pearson2 månader sedan
  • Was that the old house?

    Spacemonkey _06Spacemonkey _062 månader sedan
  • Did anyone notice it’s at his old house

    Jack MuxlowJack Muxlow2 månader sedan
    • Yeah

      Dirtymud50 On 90 FPSDirtymud50 On 90 FPS2 månader sedan
  • i play forza4

    Iwona SejbukIwona Sejbuk2 månader sedan
  • My name is Walter

    Walter BolanosproWalter Bolanospro2 månader sedan
  • *"It was owned by a crackhead" lmaooo* *😂😭*

    Tiff ღTiff ღ2 månader sedan
  • he should get an actual drift car he would be good

    Cooper LarsonCooper Larson2 månader sedan
    • I actually own one, I actually own three.... lol I forgot

      Corey FunkCorey Funk2 månader sedan
  • Bro why is he at the old house

    abdullah khanabdullah khan2 månader sedan
  • I miss seeing Oliver in funk bros

    Bethan LeesBethan Lees2 månader sedan
  • He Cory I am 14 and I know how to drift three times better than Walter love to come out one day and show you how I can drift

    Nathan BegaNathan Bega2 månader sedan
  • "I don't even know my one logo!" Lmao

    Tsm_ ChiuyTsm_ Chiuy2 månader sedan
  • The bottom of that can at 7:50 is for melting down heroine so you can put it in the needle I'm glad you guys didn't get pulled over with that in the car

    mikael kelleymikael kelley2 månader sedan
  • totaly

    gecko_boi 25gecko_boi 252 månader sedan
  • here before viral? lol

    72Clout Roblox72Clout Roblox2 månader sedan
  • Corey is it ok if i name my rat Ruby in memory of Ruby

    Mr.Stxormy_dayzMr.Stxormy_dayz2 månader sedan
    • Im a huge fan btw

      Mr.Stxormy_dayzMr.Stxormy_dayz2 månader sedan
    • @Corey Funk ok thank you

      Mr.Stxormy_dayzMr.Stxormy_dayz2 månader sedan
    • Buttercup was my first and favorite rat

      Corey FunkCorey Funk2 månader sedan
    • I would love that

      Corey FunkCorey Funk2 månader sedan
  • "It's a W for Walter" lol

    juliem_1986juliem_19862 månader sedan
  • Yo that can got hiron on it bro

    Chris AlewineChris Alewine2 månader sedan
  • You got to stop giving your friends a drive in your cars they crash them all the time

    Slam JaySlam Jay2 månader sedan
  • Speaking of Oliver what happened to him

    Tristan DoschTristan Dosch2 månader sedan
    • @Corey Funk no way u just answered me bro omg

      Tristan DoschTristan Dosch2 månader sedan
    • He has work

      Corey FunkCorey Funk2 månader sedan
  • He could have also been a diabetic cause my brother has needles kinda like that but he is a diabetic

    jinx_crusher18jinx_crusher182 månader sedan
  • if you bought the 200sx that would have been dope

    duke swansonduke swanson2 månader sedan
  • What kind of jag?

    Peyton StephenPeyton Stephen2 månader sedan
  • I woulda kept this and made it luxurious for dates. Love the drift idea though

    Peyton StephenPeyton Stephen2 månader sedan
  • Could be diabete needles too

    SladeSlade2 månader sedan
  • You need to paint that or something, the would look sick

    JaxonJaxon2 månader sedan
  • Oh shoot Oliver the og

    LandsharkDakotaLandsharkDakota2 månader sedan
  • Plsss cut the Cats off

    IsaacGehrettIsaacGehrett2 månader sedan
  • Wowzzz

    Kaleb MagyarKaleb Magyar2 månader sedan
  • Do orbeez with oobleck

    TIERRA McCaneyTIERRA McCaney2 månader sedan
  • Nice Oliver have not seen him in a video for awhile i miss seeing Oliver in videos he is awesome also my dad owns a Jaguar he has two of them one he striped the one for a bunch of parts for the other one nit sure what year it is but it is older for sure then the one Corey and Oliver got

    Bunyan420Bunyan4202 månader sedan
  • you need to put the name of the songs in the discripesion plz corey :D

    Cian BakerCian Baker2 månader sedan
  • You and capron are my favorite SEworldrs you make stuff and that’s my favorite thing I want to meet you so much

    Jaymonster1162 PlaysJaymonster1162 Plays2 månader sedan
  • My uncle have a friend that owns a junk yard let me know if you guys need parts he has cars also . Hope you guys are this

    tiffany linvilletiffany linville2 månader sedan
  • I just noticed this probably is a old video 🤷🏽‍♂️just bc the old house

    iamdonovaniamdonovan2 månader sedan
  • Yoooooo y’all got the Covid 19 vaccine with the car 🚗

    Michael DudzinskiMichael Dudzinski2 månader sedan
  • corey you make my day better :)

    macaroni hotdogandbalognamacaroni hotdogandbalogna2 månader sedan
  • hola si jaja

    benjamin ferreirabenjamin ferreira2 månader sedan
  • Cool

    Kara CoxKara Cox2 månader sedan
  • I haven’t seen Oliver in forever

    ツBennnyツBennny2 månader sedan
  • Yo I have a golden and black scooter

    Logan GagneLogan Gagne2 månader sedan
  • Ur right with European, Jaguars are a British made Car.

    Nat HalliwellNat Halliwell2 månader sedan
  • why you were doing the car up why were yous at your old house

    Caelan SloanCaelan Sloan2 månader sedan
  • Why are you at the old house

    Layne EverythingLayne Everything2 månader sedan
  • Why didn’t you get that mustang it would’ve been a good drift car

    Kaeden HKaeden H2 månader sedan
  • Awesome

    PorkchopPorkchop2 månader sedan
  • DO MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    YDDYDD2 månader sedan
  • You should get a datsun 240z rear wheel drive has ebrake can be massively upgraded and 2.4 litter engine

    Joe Logan BuildsJoe Logan Builds2 månader sedan
  • You need some NOS

    wineshot 933wineshot 9332 månader sedan
  • Have to say Corey, ever since you made video about doing stuff you love, your videos have been awesome!! Keep it up bro!!

    Kevin HuffordKevin Hufford2 månader sedan
  • U need more vids like this

    Jasper DJasper D2 månader sedan
  • what a good wast of a car

    _Mustang_Loveer __Mustang_Loveer _2 månader sedan
  • Can you do more car videos please

    Brady OberholtzerBrady Oberholtzer2 månader sedan
  • Yea Corey if you are reading this i just want to thank you for giving us this amazing content well we are i n qaurinting you are a A n gel (sometimes with a devil's idea)

    Spencerd WarnerSpencerd Warner2 månader sedan
  • hey it the vault pro scooters

    Hudson BuggHudson Bugg2 månader sedan
  • Ow my head continues to laugh histarically

    Kendall VanicekKendall Vanicek2 månader sedan
  • chop the top off so it is a convertable

    shelley breitingshelley breiting2 månader sedan
  • please make more videos working on cars

    Kr!sKr!s2 månader sedan
  • Is he at his old house

    Meme_king15Meme_king152 månader sedan
  • 9:37 am I the only one getting some doc hudson and lightning mcqueen vibes here

    Chris de ClerckChris de Clerck2 månader sedan
  • Get a old police car

    Luke HarryLuke Harry2 månader sedan
  • Bro I miss Oliver☹️

    Boyan BolgurovBoyan Bolgurov2 månader sedan
  • Why were they at the old house

    Willchill NovakWillchill Novak2 månader sedan
  • 😂😂

    Avery AAvery A2 månader sedan
  • who owns the old funk bros house

    edvinlanedvinlan2 månader sedan
  • I watch your friend on the Vault Pro Scooters!!!!!!

    Jay FuhrJay Fuhr2 månader sedan
  • That bumper was in the back window lol

    Gix yGix y2 månader sedan
  • Hi Cory

    Matthew fowler ReactsMatthew fowler Reacts2 månader sedan
  • You’ve made my days better I love watching all your videos and the mob etc

    Maddie PalmerMaddie Palmer2 månader sedan
  • any body notice that some of this is old video because it was filmed at the funk bros old house

    Avery MayoAvery Mayo2 månader sedan
  • I am just a kid but I have a 2 seater go kart that I can drift and kind of spin tires but I know a whole lot about cars and those screws are tork screws that are most of the time European but on a Jaguar it is European 87% of the time

    Adore MenottiAdore Menotti2 månader sedan
  • Or being there

    TD DispatchTD Dispatch2 månader sedan
  • How are they still living there

    TD DispatchTD Dispatch2 månader sedan
  • how old is this video

    Nolan browneNolan browne2 månader sedan