Day In The Life Of Corey Funk (Daily Vlog 1)

10 mar 2021
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Subscribe or I will pour milk before the cereal....
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  • What’s that song in the bigging called

    will says Hiwill says Hi4 dagar sedan
  • Go to the bath room for the dog

    Beth Plessner JaceBeth Plessner Jace8 dagar sedan
  • Did she say baybe?

    14 Deaner14 Deaner13 dagar sedan
  • We use a bell for our dog.

    Carter BrummondCarter Brummond20 dagar sedan
  • Hey Corey how old are yoy

    Offroad outlaws BoyOffroad outlaws Boy22 dagar sedan
  • I’m unsubscribing Bc of the milk before cereal

    Gradon WeaverGradon Weaver23 dagar sedan
  • Do another day in the life

    ReaperFNReaperFN27 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Tbone99Tbone9929 dagar sedan
  • you can make a play button

    Hailey HHailey H29 dagar sedan
  • That’s sick

    solomitensolomitenMånad sedan
  • You should put a big breather on your 240 like a Mustang

    Bull BrosBull BrosMånad sedan
  • Make a button to play for the dog

    Beaufarts5Beaufarts5Månad sedan
  • pit for the dog i love you dad

    Rakynia ClarkRakynia ClarkMånad sedan
  • Make a play button so if she wants toplay she pushes the play button

    Matt JohnsoMatt JohnsoMånad sedan
  • Love the daily vlogs

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonMånad sedan
  • You should get a quad

    Mason ShawMason ShawMånad sedan
  • "Play time" button

    Josh PesterJosh PesterMånad sedan
  • Make a play button for suki so she can play with you. Edit: only Diet Coke works with mentos. Idk why but its like a specific reaction.

    DP_DP_Månad sedan
  • Im already subscribed

    E B AE B AMånad sedan
  • Make a button that says walk or says friends meaning go to the other house

    Gracyn ThibodeauGracyn ThibodeauMånad sedan
  • Day 1 of saying hit to Corey until he says hi back.

    Carter WernerCarter WernerMånad sedan
  • How dare you pour the milk before the cereal 🥣

    Harley HigginsonHarley HigginsonMånad sedan
  • Have u tried banana pancakes

    Meme TeamMeme TeamMånad sedan
  • 5:17 what song is that?

    Julian EustonJulian EustonMånad sedan
  • Wate so Are you talking about them changing the rim or the tire or both

    vicdoghilariovicdoghilarioMånad sedan
  • I literally just got a razor because of watching this

    Evan PeckEvan PeckMånad sedan
  • guys give him a subscribe he pours his heart into these videos for us

    Morgan RosenthalMorgan RosenthalMånad sedan

    Omar MansourOmar MansourMånad sedan
  • Make a button that says "Cuddle"😂😂💙💙💙

    Taylor YeeTaylor YeeMånad sedan
  • you should put a snuggle or scratch button

    Hannah BananaHannah BananaMånad sedan
  • Food

    Harvey MonkHarvey MonkMånad sedan
  • Make a button that says “ I want to play”

    Jovani DiazJovani DiazMånad sedan
  • Get a button where she can tell u if she is sick (if possible) or if she wants to play

    The outdoor lifeThe outdoor lifeMånad sedan
  • I have a safe door too!

    Alexander KrogsøeAlexander KrogsøeMånad sedan
  • I really love this daily vloggin please keep it going. :)

    Corn FlexCorn FlexMånad sedan
  • Whats the song name

    jonas Metsisjonas MetsisMånad sedan
  • Make a lets go drifting button

    Kitty Bang bangKitty Bang bangMånad sedan
  • Where did u get those razor drift carts

    Shadowtroop101Shadowtroop101Månad sedan
  • I miss those old videos Fs

    Austynn JacksonAustynn JacksonMånad sedan

    Adrienne Morrisey-RobichaudAdrienne Morrisey-RobichaudMånad sedan
  • A subscribe button

    Carson AckleyCarson AckleyMånad sedan
    • For the dog

      Carson AckleyCarson AckleyMånad sedan
  • Follow @whataboutbunny on tik tok! she is a dog with all of the button - I think she has about 50 different buttons now

    Laura SharpLaura SharpMånad sedan
  • you poring the milk then the cereal made me so mad I wanted to punch my door down

    jr1635jr1635Månad sedan
  • What is this song

    Ryan GaetanoRyan GaetanoMånad sedan
  • Did he microwave the bacon

    Marcus GamesMarcus GamesMånad sedan
  • pls put music in bio

    Cian BakerCian BakerMånad sedan
  • Just got out of the hospital cause I had a seizure after Corey poured the milk first.

    Having FunHaving FunMånad sedan
  • It is so good

    Encore FireEncore FireMånad sedan
  • I never done that in my life

    Jarrett SnowJarrett SnowMånad sedan
  • Cory I'm a lot like you where I like Cars two

    Hershale LoveHershale LoveMånad sedan
  • Yes No Play Outside Cuddle Hungry Will comment more when I think of them

    Vintage EspinozaVintage EspinozaMånad sedan
  • Make a button saying I'm hungry

    Hershale LoveHershale LoveMånad sedan
  • my dog rings the bells to go out.

    Danielle A.Danielle A.Månad sedan
  • Corey now it’s time for drift cars in the drainage tunnel 🔥

    Joey SykesJoey SykesMånad sedan
  • Could you make a video on how you learned how to work on cars?

    Michael WarrenMichael WarrenMånad sedan
  • This is the best

    Tom KennardTom KennardMånad sedan
  • You should create a vlog channel

    Cason HughesCason HughesMånad sedan
  • TwinTurbo sneeze in your car drift car

    Sindy DubraySindy DubrayMånad sedan
  • Where is Oliver

    Nuclear JayeshNuclear JayeshMånad sedan
  • Your become a more critical thinker on the vlogs you also seem more calculated

    Sharknation.Sharknation.Månad sedan
  • 0:30 how do you teach her

    R3hab_life_R3hab_life_Månad sedan
  • hope every one is doing good and staying healthy

    Teegan ClemondsTeegan ClemondsMånad sedan
  • Get food button, water button. There are many buttons for dogs

    Random MattRandom MattMånad sedan
  • Costco bacon

    Rowan WestoverRowan WestoverMånad sedan
    • That is the best bacon

      Rowan WestoverRowan WestoverMånad sedan
  • You should post everyday

    Cristiano AlvesCristiano AlvesMånad sedan
  • 🤣Corey you know the 1 star hair cut VS 10 star hair cut video well I think I got the 1 star🤣the place made my hair uneven in the back and way shorter then we wanted it!😆I AM NEVER GOING TO THAT PLACE AGAIN!🤣

    Tehya RisterTehya RisterMånad sedan
  • What are those buttons he uses for Suki? I would love to try them with my dogs. Golden retriever gang 🥰

    Kiki AlexanderKiki AlexanderMånad sedan
  • Yes and no butons for o&a with zuky

    Hobby TubeHobby TubeMånad sedan
    • Q&A

      Hobby TubeHobby TubeMånad sedan
  • You should do a button saying she wants pats

    Jai EastleyJai EastleyMånad sedan
  • Best thing I’ve heard all year

    Joseph / parkour 4 lifeJoseph / parkour 4 lifeMånad sedan
  • Let’s try to get to 1.000.000 please help Cory I Believe in us

    Ethan IrelandEthan IrelandMånad sedan
  • U should make a "subscribe" button for Suki!

    Diet BorghsDiet BorghsMånad sedan
  • Tag with the car

    Oliver ChaplynOliver ChaplynMånad sedan
  • Daily vlog YESSS

    Daniel LindstroemDaniel LindstroemMånad sedan
  • For one of your blog's you should dye your hair gold or something

    MrDeeJayMrDeeJayMånad sedan
  • food food

    Drift Maniac4Drift Maniac4Månad sedan

    Plot665 BuildzPlot665 BuildzMånad sedan
  • Yooooou monster why cereal first😡

    goated at snipinggoated at snipingMånad sedan
  • I love it Corey!! And I hope you do too!

    david Winnettdavid WinnettMånad sedan
  • Love this style

    Valerie O'ConnellValerie O'ConnellMånad sedan
  • do a button for car ride

    Gavin GarcezGavin GarcezMånad sedan
  • Check out fluent pet and whataboutbunny on Instagram to see more ideas for buttons for Suki

    WMSV0864WMSV0864Månad sedan
  • Love the video style 😁👍🏻

    TOW OPSTOW OPSMånad sedan
  • Button suggestion: ball, outside, play, trip

    Jossi 1234Jossi 1234Månad sedan
  • Corey bringing back the daily vlogging though. Watch daily vlogs blow back up again. I put money on it! Loved the video. Can't wait for more! 😁

    Danielle T.Danielle T.Månad sedan
  • OMG Suki is SO BIG

    Skatex PlaysSkatex PlaysMånad sedan
  • Building cars is my dream and I love seeing other people do it so I can learn something P.S Love the vids keep it up!!!

    Riordan StudiosRiordan StudiosMånad sedan
  • You should bring back scootering because I would like to learn

    Edward SealyEdward SealyMånad sedan
  • Save the ☄️ 🐶

    Dalton FarabeeDalton FarabeeMånad sedan
  • Speaking of cars my big bro just got a fox body mustang 1991 with a 5.0 engine and it’s convertible it’s so outa this world

    JamoneSeniora4JamoneSeniora4Månad sedan
  • Do you not use your scooter anymore?

    Miz ValdezMiz ValdezMånad sedan
  • Do the button I hate you

    Johnny HaltehJohnny HaltehMånad sedan
  • Milk before the cereal noooooooooooo

    MATT CMATT CMånad sedan
  • dailey vlog for 1 month please

    Valeria AguirreValeria AguirreMånad sedan
  • Love the 📸📷

    Rowan SandersRowan SandersMånad sedan
  • Can't wait for the video about the 240!

    Lucy ReedLucy ReedMånad sedan
  • What is that thing called? The one that he drifted in the street

    Noob StationNoob StationMånad sedan
  • The only reason you burnt your eggs was because you put the milk first

    Terrence2467Terrence2467Månad sedan
  • So close to un subscribing after he did milk before cereal. So mad!

  • Yo,did that make the egg crunchy? It look mad good

    Sunmer DennisonSunmer DennisonMånad sedan