FASTEST Scooter Hillbomb Into UNDERGROUND Tunnels!

2 apr 2021
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  • 4:18 sapatos!! Wassup Filipinos!!!! Gooods

    John CledwynJohn Cledwyn6 dagar sedan
  • Grown men riding scooters

    Jack GJack G11 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how Corey holds the camera while Doing donuts

    Elias HembreeElias Hembree14 dagar sedan
  • Dude I’ve been watching you since I was like 8 now I’m 13 you and apron are so cool

    Lars PriorLars Prior15 dagar sedan
  • I saw your tic toc

    4meny Plays4meny Plays16 dagar sedan
  • Tape glow stick to the wall

    Jared NunezJared Nunez16 dagar sedan
  • are they gay

    jiraiya jjiraiya j16 dagar sedan
    • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      jiraiya jjiraiya j16 dagar sedan
  • Yo

    Anthony DiazAnthony Diaz17 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    SMS PoodleSMS Poodle17 dagar sedan
  • Support this guy

    gayathri marthigayathri marthi17 dagar sedan
  • You guys should take a leaf blower and blow the leafs to the beginning of the tunnel and also dry up the whole tunnel so you guys can to really fast

    Eric GladueEric Gladue17 dagar sedan
  • Yep

    Patrick FlemingPatrick Fleming17 dagar sedan
  • At the beginning, I thought that guy was going to have a cow when you guys first entered the place

    juliem_1986juliem_198618 dagar sedan
  • The people who disliked probably hate scooters

    Memphis Felis Tik Tok’sMemphis Felis Tik Tok’s18 dagar sedan
  • Y’all should get electric scooters and go down the tunnel all the way through

    Krista ShepardKrista Shepard18 dagar sedan
  • You should go to the hanted tunnel

    darren cool kidsdarren cool kids18 dagar sedan
  • I know who I’m watching tonight

    Hi I’m Aryan -_-Hi I’m Aryan -_-18 dagar sedan
  • Wear your damn helmet all the time Jesus Christ kids you only get 1 brain lol

    Chris MartinChris Martin18 dagar sedan
  • In Germany they would call the police instead of saying have fun haha

    Steven CSteven C18 dagar sedan
  • Sapatos is tagalog word

    Krishjoaquin PalmariaKrishjoaquin Palmaria18 dagar sedan
  • Everybody: I don’t think we got many runs left in our sovatos Corey: what’s a sovato?

    Ingrid CarswanIngrid Carswan18 dagar sedan
    • @Gavin Waz autocorrect, I gave up with the spelling on it anyways. Sorry about that

      Ingrid CarswanIngrid Carswan16 dagar sedan
    • Zapatos*

      Gavin WazGavin Waz18 dagar sedan
  • That’s so cool that people aren’t as mean when you do this stuff

    Glitching GamerGlitching Gamer19 dagar sedan
  • You are my inspiration

    Thatcher RossThatcher Ross19 dagar sedan
  • Do it on a bike

    Mike MMike M19 dagar sedan
  • Billie ellish is you?🤣

    FS 07FS 0719 dagar sedan
  • You can’t ride a scooter 🛴 on a road ??can you.🤔🤔

    Aubrey PetersonAubrey Peterson19 dagar sedan
  • Don’t use your shoes use the back brakes on the back of the scooter

    Jayden KiddJayden Kidd19 dagar sedan
  • He is using all the SEworldr songs lol

    Geo BeetusGeo Beetus19 dagar sedan
  • Nice video

    j gamingj gaming19 dagar sedan
  • The fact you Caught that scooter like that in the beginning 😂

    nate_da_gamer cnate_da_gamer c19 dagar sedan
  • Ummm that’s why there’s a gait

    Lily ErvinLily Ervin19 dagar sedan
    • Everything has a gate

      Corey FunkCorey Funk19 dagar sedan
  • 3:44

    HolschLockesHolschLockes19 dagar sedan
  • All the people in the comments saying that’s not sketch | \/

    HolschLockesHolschLockes19 dagar sedan
  • You guys should turn that tunnel into a slip and slide.

    DeanDean19 dagar sedan
  • I can smell the shoes burning

    Diane DalgaardDiane Dalgaard19 dagar sedan
  • What is the song at 3:25?

    DP_DP_19 dagar sedan
    • come 2gether by ooyy

      Carter StoneCarter Stone9 dagar sedan
  • My mission is still to get pinned won’t give up

    JémilJémil19 dagar sedan
  • If you sit down on a scooter you'll probably get more speed besides gliding down a hill, I do it all the time on mine its really fun

    Melissa LangMelissa Lang19 dagar sedan
  • Look at your helmet Cory

    the fun house and awesome housethe fun house and awesome house19 dagar sedan
    • Corey

      the fun house and awesome housethe fun house and awesome house19 dagar sedan
  • Awesome tricks hopefully you can find the one you wanted and I’m not sure if it’s today or not because I’m in Australia but I hope Hannah’s launch goes amazing can’t wait to buy some

    Esther SelwayEsther Selway19 dagar sedan
  • Hill bomb that dam you ate at

    Kendall VanicekKendall Vanicek19 dagar sedan
  • What is the name of the music in 3:22

    TM_MRXTM_MRX19 dagar sedan
    • come 2gether by ooyy

      Carter StoneCarter Stone9 dagar sedan
  • U guys should get a xmaxx

    bash bro1bash bro119 dagar sedan
  • 3:22 whats the name of the music?

    TheFlazhDKTheFlazhDK19 dagar sedan
    • come 2gether by ooyy

      Carter StoneCarter Stone9 dagar sedan
  • 24 hours in there?? Next video?

    Allister EthanAllister Ethan19 dagar sedan
  • You should of went in the pool anyway! Just bc you say you are so “crazy”

    CHUCK HOUSECHUCK HOUSE19 dagar sedan
  • These daily vlogs make my day😊

    L4CHL4NDIMESL4CHL4NDIMES19 dagar sedan
  • is sapatos a tagalog word ?

    Iejon CadizIejon Cadiz19 dagar sedan
  • I like how in the old funk bros videos you and your brother used to ask strangers to point a direction and ask another person to pick a number 1-100. After you did that you would go that direction for whatever number the second person chose in miles, when you guys did that it was so interesting to watch.

    Brandy SolisBrandy Solis19 dagar sedan
  • More hannah and corey stufffff

    SS soux ytSS soux yt19 dagar sedan
  • Go to a skate park

    Joshua HagonJoshua Hagon19 dagar sedan
  • they are the best

    Craig MillerCraig Miller19 dagar sedan
  • Is walter a filipino?

    Marc Jesster ManuelMarc Jesster Manuel20 dagar sedan
  • 4:18 wait what. Is that what i think it is? Filipino language? 🇵🇭❤️

    Marc Jesster ManuelMarc Jesster Manuel20 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 CoreyWillDoIt 😂😂

    Samuel FloresSamuel Flores20 dagar sedan
  • go to the end!

    lol chunguslol chungus20 dagar sedan
  • Send it with a e scooter!

    lol chunguslol chungus20 dagar sedan
    • Yea

      Lily DunnLily Dunn19 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys does anyone know the song at 3:15

    Carter StoneCarter Stone20 dagar sedan
  • Haha corey way tagalog

    Christler TeopeChristler Teope20 dagar sedan
  • The blogs are just getting better every time this is the happiest I been watching in a while

    Fusion SurgeFusion Surge20 dagar sedan
  • You need a new helmet probably because if you crash

    Kdat !Kdat !20 dagar sedan
  • You guys should take drift carts down that

    Tyce GormanTyce Gorman20 dagar sedan
  • hey

    Gaming OutKastGaming OutKast20 dagar sedan
  • The man at the tunnel was really nice he just said have fun dude like thx bro👍!

    Gage RowanGage Rowan20 dagar sedan
  • When you started playing that music at 3:15 it just brought me back to when you lived in your old house. Stay cool!!!

    Porter SowaPorter Sowa20 dagar sedan
  • *That looks so sick!!* *😮🙌🏻*

    Tiff ღTiff ღ20 dagar sedan
  • Can you do the cars again

    John CudeJohn Cude20 dagar sedan
  • i love ur vid corey ur the best yt i cant beleve u did this

    cam baethkecam baethke20 dagar sedan
  • April 3rd is my birthday and April 4th is my little brothers birthday. we celebrate our birthday every year every time together

    XBrokeBoiPlayzXXBrokeBoiPlayzX20 dagar sedan
  • Corey's the sporty version of David dobrik

    Joshua HartshorneJoshua Hartshorne20 dagar sedan
  • Did you know if Corey sees this he HAS to pin it. Plz

    Chase ReichChase Reich20 dagar sedan
  • i live right there bro cvs vans store ross starbucks

    Nathan HerreraNathan Herrera20 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 queue the liam thompson video

    jakeyjakey20 dagar sedan
  • Almost 700k subs

    ITS REGGYITS REGGY20 dagar sedan

    Fortnite ProFortnite Pro20 dagar sedan
    • come 2gether by ooyy

      Carter StoneCarter Stone9 dagar sedan
    • Bro please does anyone know?

      Ayden SantiagoAyden Santiago19 dagar sedan
  • i love what yall do bro its amazing how u can do this and not get in trouble and hang with your bro nice

    Brime god copsBrime god cops20 dagar sedan
  • You should make some type of e break Attachment for your scooter

    Bike guy CodyBike guy Cody20 dagar sedan
  • I wanna know if she got to jiffy lube or kept going and pushed it off

    Sunmer DennisonSunmer Dennison20 dagar sedan
  • I love your video's Corey pls pls reply saying hi I would be so happy : )

    Jesse JonesJesse Jones20 dagar sedan
  • What is that song

    Beck PelletierBeck Pelletier20 dagar sedan
  • I would love to do what Corey does, but the thing is that I am a big scaredy-cat

    HinataHinata20 dagar sedan
  • This is all oil- and continues to touch it😂 stay safe guys❤️

    Abigail StronginAbigail Strongin20 dagar sedan
  • You should do dirt bikes down the tunnel

    Deano86 BeanoDeano86 Beano20 dagar sedan

    Zaya RistZaya Rist20 dagar sedan
  • 5$28n’

    Joseph VelaJoseph Vela20 dagar sedan
  • 696.900 thousand subs LMAO

    NäsApaNäsApa20 dagar sedan
  • Take heelies down the tunnel

    Buggzie BeamBuggzie Beam20 dagar sedan
  • Somone said your name I nashville boot store

    Holly AlexanderHolly Alexander20 dagar sedan
  • Who else loves the daily uploads

    Adam plays GamesAdam plays Games20 dagar sedan
    • @big boy bryson! no problem

      Cooper McinnesCooper Mcinnes19 dagar sedan
    • Thank you

      big boy bryson!big boy bryson!19 dagar sedan
    • @Cooper Mcinnes 44f4ftf TV thtvtvyb

      big boy bryson!big boy bryson!19 dagar sedan
    • @Cooper Mcinnes 9

      big boy bryson!big boy bryson!19 dagar sedan
    • Me

      Cooper McinnesCooper Mcinnes19 dagar sedan
  • "and then im like uuuuooooaaahhhh"

    WEE_ ROSSWEE_ ROSS20 dagar sedan
  • Video idea build a ramp at the end of a random hill and jump it:)

    MomoohohohMomoohohoh20 dagar sedan
  • Bro Coreys shoes made marks when they left

    Logan MercierLogan Mercier20 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 bruh what the heck

    Small CreechSmall Creech20 dagar sedan
  • My sisters birthday is coming up, I might go to Hannah’s business as her clothes are my sisters perfect style

    Oll13XOll13X20 dagar sedan
  • I dreamed tonight and it was i met you guys and im going to tell my sister to check out hannahs business

    Fake_ OGFake_ OG20 dagar sedan
  • U should go back to NITRO

    JohnnyPro523JohnnyPro52320 dagar sedan
  • Soooo cooolllllllll😀😃😊😂

    CharshCharsh20 dagar sedan
  • So much for a fence.

    Kade BuyleKade Buyle20 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    TyhgukpTyhgukp20 dagar sedan
  • My name is Peyton and it is spelled the exact same way as her's

    Peyton TinsleyPeyton Tinsley20 dagar sedan