I am now an uncle...

17 mar 2021
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  • Coreys the most genuine and helping person you’ll ever meet

    Jasons. FunJasons. FunMånad sedan
    • i smell cap

      ChelGod 12ChelGod 1221 dag sedan
    • @Elizabeth Woolbright no I'm just a huge fan and I have my own youtube channel

      Slide and showSlide and showMånad sedan
    • Mrbeast and him

      KandenKandenMånad sedan
    • So true

      MAGMA JoeMAGMA JoeMånad sedan
    • @MacKenzie McDonald lol

      Elizabeth WoolbrightElizabeth WoolbrightMånad sedan
  • ..

    Ines GomezInes Gomez5 dagar sedan
  • Have you met baby funk yet

    Jessica FillmoreJessica Fillmore6 dagar sedan
  • propose. to. hannah.

    Tyler WhelanTyler Whelan8 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a video with f you building your car

    Kaiden PokémonKaiden Pokémon8 dagar sedan
  • Having a nephew is amazing and it’s so much fun having a nephew at least for me it’s the best thing. Rydel and Capron’s baby are gonna have the best fam

    Catherine IgoCatherine Igo9 dagar sedan
  • has capron moved houses

    Rasmus SelanderRasmus Selander10 dagar sedan
  • Propose to Hannah

  • I wanna be like you when I am older🤣👍

    ENR 4ENR 415 dagar sedan
  • man i'm 13 and my older sister is having a child so i know how you feel

    Kurtis BoydKurtis Boyd16 dagar sedan
  • Corey being confuse abaout his famly tree, me whos 13 has a nephew in high school

    Thio BenayaThio Benaya19 dagar sedan
  • where is jason? I have not seen him in the vids:(

    Victoria MayorgaVictoria Mayorga20 dagar sedan
  • Me: nephew Cory: dryer

    Random Studios33Random Studios3322 dagar sedan
  • suki is so cute

    somi widodosomi widodo24 dagar sedan
  • But he is about to be an uncle in about a week

    Kid The ChristianKid The Christian24 dagar sedan
  • i was an uncle at 12 yo dude hahaha XD

    cheesycheesy27 dagar sedan
    • I know someone who was a uncle when he was 8! 😂

      Lily NoonanLily Noonan17 dagar sedan
  • I think you should go to Disney land it’s the best place for couples 🥰

    Lillian PetersonLillian Peterson28 dagar sedan
  • I’m dead after he showed the dogs but 😂

    ULTIMA_CJULTIMA_CJ28 dagar sedan
  • “Step brother step sister dryer” had me dead

    Colton HolderColton Holder29 dagar sedan
  • Step bro and step sis😂

    Clash with YOLOClash with YOLO29 dagar sedan
  • I am subbed and I always be

    TBNRHAD YayTBNRHAD Yay29 dagar sedan
  • I am subbed and I always be

    TBNRHAD YayTBNRHAD Yay29 dagar sedan
  • Wait you live in Santa Clarita my dad used to live there he’s moving right now man I wish I could see you

    Dakota BlaylockDakota BlaylockMånad sedan
  • I Became a uncle when I was 4

    Fin RobinsonFin RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Go to tempest

    SlamsterSlamsterMånad sedan
  • i really am getting into cars now because of you cory and i would love to learn more about it :)

    Annika Yoder-StoulilAnnika Yoder-StoulilMånad sedan
  • go shopping for snacks and coumphy stuff and then go to a drive in movie and then sleep under the stars on your roof

    Ethan LandesEthan LandesMånad sedan
  • Corey 9s like gonna be the cool uncle

    Michael CannonMichael CannonMånad sedan
  • Capron will be one of the coolest dads And Corey will be one of the coolest uncles

    PixelboyHveenPixelboyHveenMånad sedan
  • That’s crazy!!! I’m from Nebraska and my name is Hannah too!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    hannah johnsonhannah johnsonMånad sedan
  • For your next vid I think y'all should just cuddle and watch netflix

    RepTic doomRepTic doomMånad sedan
  • Corey: “it’s all confusing step bro step sis dryer” 😳😳

    TuftRhino 3732TuftRhino 3732Månad sedan
  • Make out

    james bowerjames bowerMånad sedan
  • play games

    Nykel GomezNykel GomezMånad sedan
  • Soon Corey very soon i think there is only one month yet

    *Crazy* Time**Crazy* Time*Månad sedan
  • You are my rollemodell

    Bastian Dahl MærkBastian Dahl MærkMånad sedan
  • corey an hanna should go on a car date

    Jack WhalenJack WhalenMånad sedan
  • go on nice date like so nice and ask her to mare you but for 24 hours

    Rose JohnsonRose JohnsonMånad sedan
  • The viper not your stile

    Daniel SernaDaniel SernaMånad sedan
  • I love your video’s and ticktocks you are funny

    Slick GamerSlick GamerMånad sedan
  • brother, stepsister, dryer hmmmmmmm

    # 6PANDA9# 6PANDA9Månad sedan
  • You all have to switch clothes then go to a fancy restaurant

    XXGhosts 20XXGhosts 20Månad sedan
  • Congrats

    alison klinealison klineMånad sedan
  • That's how families work

    Christian BozemanChristian BozemanMånad sedan
  • I just wanna see a whole day in your guys life with less cuts and more you guys

    King_levi1523King_levi1523Månad sedan
  • couple thing to do: Go bowling and get Food at a restaurant

    Johnathon LikidisJohnathon LikidisMånad sedan
  • Ngl super stoked for Uncle Corey!!

    Lila RaeLila RaeMånad sedan
  • Go skydiving

    rowin akersrowin akersMånad sedan
  • Do it

    Brandon LewisBrandon LewisMånad sedan
  • Hello

    Ninja: SsarahNinja: SsarahMånad sedan
  • i drift like you in forza horizon 4

    Maritza DressMaritza DressMånad sedan
  • Suki controls your day for 24 hours 😂😂

    María José AlarcónMaría José AlarcónMånad sedan
  • You should give your nephew a mini Corvette with the same wrap as yours, that’ll be so cute 🥺🥺🦥💙

    María José AlarcónMaría José AlarcónMånad sedan
  • The wheels are suppose to be loosened before lifted and loosen in an x pattern and tighten in an x

    BrendanB_ 4BrendanB_ 4Månad sedan
  • Corey should make a car channel

    Harley TaylorHarley TaylorMånad sedan
  • For a date, I want you guys to go scuba diving!!!

    Kxng ToniKxng ToniMånad sedan
  • Corey should wear a suit and Hannah wear a dress and you two should go on a special date ❤

    Lena YoderLena YoderMånad sedan
  • Y'all should go to a nice restaurant and Corey wear girl clothes and Hannah wear boy clothes

    Emorie AndersonEmorie AndersonMånad sedan
  • awww

    Karl JohnsonKarl JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Yall should have a romantic movie night

    Marley EldridgeMarley EldridgeMånad sedan
  • take her drifting

    Jelly JrJelly JrMånad sedan
  • So am I I'm a uncle for 2 and he got birthed yesterday on wensday

    Flaming FloresFlaming FloresMånad sedan
  • I'm having a baby sister and she is due on june 17

    cindy hoffmancindy hoffmanMånad sedan
  • corey should propose to hannah

    twentyone _twentyone _Månad sedan
  • I'm eleven and I'm an auntie

    Shannon BayesShannon BayesMånad sedan
  • I just recently became an uncle too corey, it is very weird to call him my nephew and it is an amaizing blessing and you will enjoy it I know you will... I hope you enjoy it and you are going to be an awesome uncle you also don't have to worry about your nephew copying and following you because you an amaizing influence, love you dude❤🔥🤙🤘

    Malachi WeaverMalachi WeaverMånad sedan
  • Can you guys give me a shout out on tik toc @haydenruda

    Hayden RudaHayden RudaMånad sedan
  • stay off the hub step bro step sis and a dryer

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezMånad sedan
  • Make a car Channel

    Briar MayfieldBriar MayfieldMånad sedan
  • Date

    Connor MacDonaldConnor MacDonaldMånad sedan
  • Get married

    pain clanpain clanMånad sedan
  • You're not a uncle you're a FUNKLE

  • Corey, idea for the date is you put outfits out on the ground and let Suki put her paws on what one you two wear. Also Corey, I love your wrap but I was just wondering if you could possibly make a way for all of your subscribers to find their name on your car? Like a picture where we could all zoom in on it to find our names??

    Jeremy KisorJeremy KisorMånad sedan
  • Throw the worst pool party

    Sky GamerSky GamerMånad sedan
  • As soon as you get your food scream as loud as you can and say yeeeeesssssss my fooooooooooooooooooodd

    Jonny ThanosJonny ThanosMånad sedan
  • Hannah should pick where you both have dinner

    Eric LeeEric LeeMånad sedan
  • Corey pick up hannah outfit or corey and hannah switch bodys for 24 hours

    Liz Marie HernandezLiz Marie HernandezMånad sedan
  • From experience I know that while you’re waiting for the day of your nephews birth, the time will go by so fast and you won’t even know it.

    TheyeetmasterTheyeetmasterMånad sedan
  • Get each other something to show you love eachother and wrap it, then at the end of the day give it to each other.

    Sammy21starSammy21starMånad sedan
  • He said stepsister stepbrother bryer

    Ridhaa JacobsRidhaa JacobsMånad sedan
  • You should go on a honeymoon date in front of capron

    Pandapeacemaker5Pandapeacemaker5Månad sedan
  • Cousin second cousin step sister step brother dryer.😂

    Justin OwensJustin OwensMånad sedan
  • Switch clothes on a date

    Autumn SpadeAutumn SpadeMånad sedan
  • Corey you should make a car channel

    Jaxan HaleyJaxan HaleyMånad sedan
  • Are you posting one today Corey ? Benn loving the daily video

    H WilkinsonH WilkinsonMånad sedan
  • Omg 1m

    Shreyan BejagamShreyan BejagamMånad sedan
  • Drive your car in a onesie ta a store

    Osco _55Osco _55Månad sedan
  • If enyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

    issy_busy is weirdissy_busy is weirdMånad sedan
  • hey just a heads up do you know there are apps to remove the blur on the package so they can see where you live.

    BANDIT MillerBANDIT MillerMånad sedan
  • 00:35 I thought Hannah was gonna say “COREY”

    Devin OwensDevin OwensMånad sedan
  • Corey should make a channel for his car stuff. Like if you agree

    Xd PyroXd PyroMånad sedan

    Sarah LaRoshSarah LaRoshMånad sedan
  • Corry That's her butt

    Sheldon Van dunkSheldon Van dunkMånad sedan
  • You should dress with Annah clothes and Hannah with yours !

    Ewen59 gamingEwen59 gamingMånad sedan
  • You and Hannah should switch roles. So like if Hannah usually makes you breakfast you would have to do it for her.

    Mathew D'AgostinoMathew D'AgostinoMånad sedan
  • You should drive to Nebraska where her family lives and walk in and say we’re pregnant and then leave like so Corey sees

    Mariah WalterMariah WalterMånad sedan
  • I’m an uncle and I’m 12 best thing ever

    Snts VortexSnts VortexMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or does corey do alot more in a week than I do in a year

    madison bmadison bMånad sedan
  • Do a cycling series

    Harold FritzHarold FritzMånad sedan
    • Its a very fun hobby

      Harold FritzHarold FritzMånad sedan
  • I can't get over the fact that I use the plates that he has as a rolling tray

    CTM GamingCTM GamingMånad sedan